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Using crystals you can unlock and reenergise your chakra, meditating is key for these energies to come about. Crystal healing is very therapeutic and can restore balance and harmony to mind and body. Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, they also have a specific meaning and function for healing.

Abalone (also known as Paua Shell in New Zealand) although not a crystal or mineral, is widely used in jewellery and has its own particular healing properties.  It is a mollusc or shellfish with a beautiful, iridescent interior to its shell, which is actually created by a coating of ‘nacre’ or Mother of Pearl, and with a stunning range of colours.  Abalone has a calming energy and can be of use in emotionally charged situations; soothing the emotions and settling the spirit, whilst promoting co-operation between parties. It also promotes psychic development and intuition, and enhances creativity. Abalone resonates with the first three chakras; Root, Spleen and Sacral, but due to its gorgeous shimmering colours, it also works well with the Brow or Third Eye chakra.  Physically it is said to be of use for arthritis (osteo- and rheumatoid) and other joint problems, plus disorders of the muscles and digestive tract.

Agate  is a variety of Chalcedony which is a microcrystalline (tiny crystal) variety of Quartz. It takes its name from its prime occurrence, in Acate which is in the Ragusa Province of Sicily in Italy.  Agates are often found with distinct bands and are composed of layers of quartz, sometimes of differing colours. When it is concentrically banded it is generally referred to as ‘Agate’ (as with Blue Lace Agate) and when it is in flat layers or bands, it is generally referred to as ‘Onyx’.  It comes in a very wide variety of colours from clear to purple, pink or rose, black, yellow, brown, green, orange and blue, and some are referred to with specific names rather than just by colour, such as Blue Lace Agate, Botswana Agate and Moss Agate.

Almandine  - see Garnet for general description or Almandine Garnet subsection for metaphysical properties

Amazonite works on both the Heart and Throat chakras, opening them to aid loving communication.  It also works well with the Brow chakra, opening your, and aiding intuition.  It is super for absorbing damaging emissions from mobile phones and microwaves. It balances masculine and feminine energy (Yin and Yang) and is excellent for men wishing to get in touch with their femininity. It is known for being a very lucky stone and also as the Stone of Hope – keeping strength and hope up in difficult and trying circumstances.

Amber Although not a crystal (it’s fossilized prehistoric tree resin) Amber is widely used in crystal healing because of its beautiful, sunny, uplifting energies. It has a strong connection with the Earth and is a powerful chakra cleanser.  It has been worn to help relieve tension headaches and to relieve arthritis. In some Far Eastern countries it is referred to as the ‘Tiger Stone’; the stone which carries the soul, and therefore energies of the tiger, promoting courage and strength.  Although most often thought of as being golden, yellowy orange in colour, it can be found in a gorgeous creamy colour (sometimes referred to as Butterscotch Amber), deep reddish orange (Cognac Amber) green and also rarely, black.  Some of the most valuable and rare examples come with insect or plant inclusions – many of which are now extinct species - carrying within them that particular organisms’ energy from millions of years ago.

Amethyst (see also Quartz properties) Another firm favourite! Amethyst enhances the function of the Brow or Third Eye Chakra; protective and powerful with a high vibration. It has been used throughout the ages for its protective properties; to protect from fear, guard against bad dreams, to absorb and dispel negativity, and is favoured by healers for its ability to focus energy.  Once prized by royalty, nobility and ancient energy workers alike, nowadays, because of its ready availability it is often overlooked in favour of some of the more exotic or rarer stones. Try sitting with a piece for a while and reconnect to its endless possible uses!  

Ametrine (see also Quartz properties) A mixture of Amethyst and Citrine together in one stone.  Citrine is heated Amethyst. This process can occur naturally when part of an Amethyst cluster is exposed to ‘hot’ rocks in the earth, heating and transforming the part nearest the heat source into Citrine. The result is a crystal cluster part Amethyst, part Citrine, or Ametrine.  Unfortunately most Ametrine available commercially is produced by artificially heating one part of an Amethyst crystal; however the outcome is the same - Ametrine, and the crystal shares the properties of both Amethyst and Citrine. If you’re looking to change your life this can be a very useful combination; Amethyst helps you visualize the change you want to bring about and Citrine helps you manifest it!

Andradite - see Garnet for general description or Andradite Garnet subsection for varieties/colours

Angel Aura – see Opal Aura

Angelite is known as one of the Stones of the Angels, heightening your awareness of the angelic realm and facilitating angelic contact.  It is a beautiful crystal which promotes peace, compassion and understanding. Physically it is said to help relieve pain and healers use it to help clear energy blockages, whether in the body or environment.  It is also excellent for conditions affecting the throat. In its natural state it is quite brittle which is why carving and jewellery specimens are quite rare. The tumble stones are readily available and have a distinctly waxy feel to them. It is a pale bluish/grey variety of Anhydrite, from the Sulphate class or group of minerals. 

Apache Tears - see Obsidian

Apatite is a stone of harmony and inner peace, and in its sea-green colour, works beautifully with the Heart chakra. It is also a great confidence giver; boosting self-belief and poise, which may be of particular use when facing a difficult or challenging situation.  If worn or held when meditating it is said that this lovely stone can help us achieve a deeper meditative state, leading to a clearer, more enlightened understanding of matters relevant to the individual.  When used in conjunction with other crystals, it can also help enhance their individual vibrations, hence improving the desired healing results. Furthermore, it is said to enhance our intuitive and creative abilities. 

Aqua Aura is Clear Quartz coated with a 1 micron film of pure gold, which gives it its distinctive, electric, peacock blue colour. It is an outstanding tool for people wishing to increase their psychic skills and awareness. It assists with meditation, telepathy, and psychic healing by intensifying the energy generated. It is particularly helpful for distance healing because of its ability to send energy. It is also used for protection from psychic attack.  Other members of the coated Quartz family are: Opal Aura, Titanium Aura, Tanzine Aura and Ruby Aura. (See also Quartz properties and Coated Quartz)

Aquamarine is a beautiful sea-green mineral of the Beryl family. It is known as the Stone of Courage, giving the wearer strength whilst calming and soothing and has an affinity with sensitive people.  It is said to both shield the aura and also to align the chakras and sharpens the intuition. This makes it an excellent crystal to wear whilst meditating.  It is also protective and in ancient times was believed to guard against attack from the dark side!

Arkansas Quartz (see also Quartz properties and Clear Quartz) Arkansas Quartz is purer and clearer than almost any other found in the world.  In fact, the finer crystals are pure enough to make synthetic quartz used in computer components. Sometimes referred to as ‘Arkansas Diamonds’, Clear Quartz from Arkansas (especially from the Old Coleman Mine) is recognized as some of the purest in the world and samples from this particular mine are used as the benchmark of the chemical purity of Quartz worldwide.  Quartz from this area tends to have a more refined energy than that from Brazil

Aventurine (see also Quartz properties). Aventurine is Quartz with tiny, often glistening inclusions, which gives it its gentle sparkle.  Most commonly known in its green form (which is Quartz with Fuschite), Aventurine resonates beautifully with the Heart Chakra and, therefore, is one of the best stones for matters of the heart. It is excellent to help ease the pain of emotional heartache but is also super as an aid to restful sleep, with its calming, soothing energy. Sleeping with a piece under your pillow is also said to help bring answers to problems through our dreams. Physically it is super for all skin complaints, especially for acne sufferers. To achieve results with this crystal, prolonged exposure is best, and this can be done by wearing a bracelet where the stones can be in contact with the skin. Also available in peach and less often, red and silver.

Azeztulite (Azestulite) A true stone of Ascension.  Azeztulite is the trademark name for a very special type of Quartz. It is mined in only one particular place, in North Carolina, USA, and its energy has to be felt to be believed.  It is surely one of the most powerful of all crystals.  

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Black Tourmaline - see Tourmaline

Bloodstone (see also Quartz properties) Because of its ready availability, Bloodstone is often overlooked in favour of the more exotic crystals, yet is has quite exceptional healing properties.  Bloodstone is primarily Green Quartz flecked with Red Jasper.  It has many, many uses and should be considered the mainstay in any crystal healer's collection.  It is a powerful healer, can dispel both negative and evil energy, it promotes courage, grounds excess energy - especially where anger is present and is the definitive stone of good health.  As its name suggests it is believed to be excellent to help disorders of the blood and is the primary healing crystal in cases such as Laminitis with horses.

Blue Goldstone is a man-made stone, made from dyed (blue) glass with copper inclusions, which give it its trademark sparkle. Copper is one of the best carriers of healing energy, and is often used in the production of wands and other healing tools.

Blue Lace Agate  Blue Lace Agate has a beautiful, calm, healing energy. It is a lovely healing stone, using its gentle vibration to soothe and support the mind, body and spirit.  When worn by a man it can help them express the more sensitive side of their nature thus bringing their yin side into balance.  Its keywords are calmness, positivity, joyfulness and harmony and it aligns with the Throat chakra. See also Agate.

Blue Moonstone  - see Rainbow Moonstone

Blue Tourmaline - see Tourmaline

Boulder Opal (see also Opal) is said to clear the ‘murky areas’ from the aura, stimulating the healing of these areas and assisting one in communication between our conscious and sub-conscious mind. It enhances the properties of healing. It assists enhancing mental clarity, emotional security, physical well-being, and spiritual progression.  Usually possessing earthy brown tones , Boulder Opal specimens are partially dehydrated siliceous ironstone .  This naturally occurring drying out process results in irregular shrinkage cracks forming within the ironstone which accounts for its appearance.  In some instances, silica solution enters and solidifies within the cracks which can then produce what we know as gem opal.

Botswana Agate (see also Agate) is sometimes called the Stone of Change. It can help us handle change in a positive way. Humans are creatures of habit who generally dislike or distrust change, often resisting it.  Botswana Agate is said to help us deal with changes, to smooth the passage in such a way that the transition is not as difficult or painful as it could be without it; it is a comforting stone.  Relief from depression or grief is another excellent property of Botswana Agate. It helps focus on solutions instead of problems, and thereby increases creativity.

Brandburg crystals are a delightful type of Quartz which typically comprise of Clear, Smokey Quartz and Amethyst (not all three are always present, however) . The best examples are Clear Quartz with both Amethyst and Smokey Quartz, the latter two of which are usually Phantoms. They often appear quite 'rugged' with perhaps some nicks or small chips (making them Warrior Crystals also) and they can have many curious and beautiful inclusions. You can spend hours just gazing into these extraordinary crystals. It is not unusual to find them with water bubbles trapped inside them also, and these are referred to as enhydro crystals.

Brecciated Jasper (see also Jasper and Quartz properties) This is a beautiful stone, full of rich brown, cream and white swirls all mixed together beautifully.  It is especially good for grounding and can aid emotional stability and metal clarity.  It relieves mental stress and supports clear thinking. A gorgeous stone with strong links to the Earth.

Carnelian Grounding, energising and stabilising are the keywords for this gorgeous translucent stone. It is excellent for restoring vitality where chronic illness has been present, and it activates and energises the Sacral Chakra. This lovely crystal is full of life force and can help with a sluggish metabolism and can also have a positive effect on the reproductive organs. Place a piece by your front door to attract abundance to your home. It is from the Quartz group of minerals

Celestite has a high vibration and is a teacher for the New Age. It is imbued with divine energies. It takes you into the infinite peace of the spiritual and contacts the angelic realms. It jump-starts spiritual development and urges you toward enlightenment. It brings a vision of peaceful coexistence with the whole of creation and holds the possibility of total harmony.  A magical, angelic addition to any crystal collection!

Chalcedony is a fibrous, cryptocrystalline (microscopic crystal) variety of Quartz. It comes in many colours and the blue in particular has a very peaceful energy.  It is an excellent cleanser, absorbing negative energy, transmuting it so that becomes harmless (especially where anger is present). It is a very cleansing stone, said to promote healing of sores and is also very protective, making it an ideal crystal to have in your environment (see Chrysophrase for Green Chalcedony)

Charoite Only recently discovered in 1978 in the Murun mountains in Yakutia near the Charo River in Russia, Charoite is a beautiful, vibrant purple stone full of movement, containing swirls, mottling and veining.  Some say it takes its name from the river, other say it is from the Russian word for magic - 'chary'.  Either way, it is a super mineral which is now becoming more readily available.  In crystal healing terms it is considered one of the transformation stones, working best to help overcome fear and aligns with both the crown and heart chakras. Good quality specimens are excellent for Violet Ray or Violet Flame work.

Chrysocholla is the beautiful turquoise-green stone of tranquility and stability. It emits a lovely calming energy which can absorb all kinds of negativity, replacing this energy with cleansed, calm vibrations. It can help strengthen a relationship which is experiencing difficulties; especially one where the source of instability has been extreme or prolonged states of stress. Sitting with a piece can help cleanse the chakras, realigning them with the divine and when placed over the heart area it can help alleviate emotional heartache. It is often found in combination with Malachite, which makes for a joyful, gentle and supportive stone.

Chrysoprase (see also Quartz properties) Pure, vibrant, apple green Chalcedony or Agate, from the Quartz family. Its colour is reminiscent of newly sprouting spring leaves and, therefore, it has associations with all things new, especially children.  It has also been used throughout the ages for the ‘broken hearted’ – to soothe the emotional trauma caused through love-linked grief, unrequited love and emotional endings of all kinds. It has also been said to increase fertility.

Citrine (see also Quartz properties) Citrine is a joyful, dynamic stone, often referred to as the Stone of Success - whether in business, family, financial, legal or spiritual matters. However, it is an often overlooked crystal because of its ready availability, but it is an extremely useful and versatile stone, which should form the mainstay of any crystal healing collection. It is one of only a few crystals on the planet which never need cleansing; instead absorbing and transmuting any negativity it comes in contact with. It can help you maintain focus and is also known as the Merchant’s Stone, attracting abundance and promoting prosperity to any business. As one of the best Solar Plexus charka crystals, it can be used for any imbalance indicated in this area (aggressive & dominating personalities or weak-willed with low self-esteem, etc.) It is a powerful cleansing and revitalizing stone and is also excellent where lethargy and fatigue are indicated.

Coated Quartz is natural Clear Quartz which has undergone a special infusion process using pure gold, silver, platinum, indium, titanium, niobium or copper. This process involves heating the Quartz to extremely high temperatures (in excess of 1600°F) then adding the purified metal in a vacuum, which bonds it to the surface. The result is a permanent coating which has been bonded with the crystal at a molecular level. Although the coating is very thin, usually only 1 micron, it cannot be rubbed or scratched off and the results are quite spectacular.

Danburite is often referred to as The Stone of the Angels because of its ability to access the angelic realms.  It has a very high vibration and can act as a Karmic cleanser - what better stone to work with as we move towards ascension!  Danburite is a wonderful crystal; its pure, gentle yet high vibration carries the cosmic light of Ain Soph - the light of all Universal intelligence - and it also connects with Master Seraphis Bay. Clear specimens resonate with the Crown chakra, whilst the rarer Pink type resonates with both the Crown and Higher Heart chakras. 

Diamantina Quartz  (see also Quartz properties and Clear Quartz) Mined from the Diamantina region of Brazil – known for its highly charged crystals. Often very powerful specimens come from this area, in particular its Laser Wands.

Dichroic Glass ‘Dichroic’ means having more than one colour and pieces of jewellery made of Dichroic glass offer a true kaleidoscope of colours.  It was first commercially produced as a spin-off from the space industry and is made by heating glass interspersed with layers of  titanium, magnesium or silicon, at varying high temperatures.  The result is quite spectacular and pieces possess a 'peacock feather' type brilliance.  Although man-made due to their mineral content, pieces of Dichroic Glass have their own particular healing properties.  (Raspberry Quartz is naturally occurring titanium coated Quartz, and Quartz itself is Silicon Dioxide).

Dioptase  There are two main forms of Dioptase; crystalline, with beautiful deep green-blue small crystals and non-crystalline (or 'massive') - exhibiting the same stunning colour but in with no obvious crystal formation.

Dumortierite It can aid us in gaining control over our lives by helping us really see things for what they are – freeing us from constraining illusions which can hold us back from growing, usually through fear of change. Using or wearing Dumortierite may be useful in treating addictions and compulsive or impulsive behavioural patterns and  can be successful in helping open a closed Brow or Third Eye Chakra where headaches are an indication.

Emerald Love, Communication, Truthfulness, Emerald is associated with the Heart Chakra and blissful love. It is, without doubt, the strongest example of the healing green ray energy. Use Emerald to bring love, loyalty, unity and wisdom to your life. In groups of two or more people, Emerald can encourage bonding, and strengthen communication and understanding, helping each person to adequately express themselves without offending others. Emerald is believed to enhance memory and mental clarity. Meditating with Emerald can help one to connect to Divine Love, open the heart to accept all things in life as gifts, and acquire the ability to discern when others are speaking the truth or not. Emerald can help to open up psychic abilities, and enhance one's ability to notice and manage synchronicities. Emerald is often used to attract prosperity to the owner, strengthening the courage to follow your heart’s wisdom to its logical outcome and allowing for the amplification of hope and encouragement. Emerald can help you clarify and strengthen your intention for a positive outcome. Emerald can help maintain faith in the knowledge of Divine perfection. Emerald reminds one that the Universe will always provide. Emerald's focus on the Heart Chakra makes this a wonderful healing crystal. Emerald assists in recovery from illness, and provides support during chronic conditions. Specifically, Emerald has a detoxifying action on the liver, and can send higher healing vibrations to the lungs, heart, and spine.

Enhydro Relationships, Stress Reduction The Enhydro is a Quartz crystal with a pocket of fluid, carbon or gas within the crystal itself. The fluid can be very old and more than likely very pure. Any members of the Quartz family, Amethyst, Citrine, Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz or Smoky Quartz, can display an Enhydro. Elestial Crystals most often are the type of crystal that will house an Enhydro. The Enhydro will assist one in recognizing and/or understanding the true feelings of another, supporting the empathetic nature. It contains a life sustaining energy, assisting in healing in many ways.

Epidote Enhances Emotional and Spiritual Growth, Perception, Patience Epidote will enhance the energy of whatever it touches, including other stones. Epidote increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings, and brings spiritual growth. Epidote is a great stone for releasing negativity and raising one's vibrational energy. It is helpful for those stuck in modes of depression, hopelessness, or other negative thinking pattern. Epidote can inject a sense of hopeful optimism into one's emotional body, helping to bring the mind into a higher vibration. Crystal healers like to work with Epidote for its ability to clear congestion and energy blockages in the physical and subtle bodies. Epidote will help to balance and stabilize the energy flow in the body. Epidote is also used to help dissipate tumors by releasing stagnant energies in the area. Epidote is an excellent stone for attunement with nature and her healing qualities. It puts forth a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, which is particularly good for those living in a high energy, city setting. On a more physical level, Epidote’s ability to increase energy is useful in strengthening the physical body. Epidote facilitates a more complete assimilation of nutrients. Epidote stimulates the immune system, aids in the healing process, and is a great stone to use for physical recovery. Epidote increases personal power, clears the emotional body aura, and even increases memory, making it a helpful when looking for lost object.

Eudialyte Remove Hurt, Fear, Stress Also known as Almandine Spar, Eudialyte is a rare crystal that needs gentle handling, as it may break easily. This complex crystal is a wonderful mineral to have when you need assistance making decisions, have difficulty accepting change, or when you need to get out of a period of depression and self-loathing. Eudialyte will open up the Heart chakra to release energy blockages and help you to learn self-acceptance and a bit of self-love. Eudialyte can increase extra-sensory perception (ESP), clairaudience, and the ability to understand messages from spirit/angel guides. Use Eudialyte to gain back those creative juices you may have lost somewhere along the way. Physically, Eudialyte can help with the nervous system, eye disorders (especially those that occur with the optic nerve), cell regeneration, thyroid problems, and heart and circulatory system disorders.

Fire Opal (for general properties see Opal).  Fire Opal is super where energy depletion is indicated, especially in chronic illness. It aligns with the lower two chakras, the Root and Sacral or Spleen Chakras.  It can help dispel despondency, encouraging the return of enthusiasm and the associated vital energy this state brings about. Its ability to increase physical energy extends to work projects also. It is said that by placing a piece in a shop or you office area you will attract more custom.  See also Boulder Opal

Flame Aura see Titanium Aura

Fuschite (also known as Green Muscovite) Fuschite is a favourite with healers due to its ability to channel information regarding the best remedy or treatment for a client. As Judy Hall puts in in The Crystal Bible, ‘it accesses knowledge with great practical value’. It can also amplify the energy of other crystals. It has a beautiful pale green colour with a delightful sparkle. 

Garnet Garnet is the name for a very wide and sometimes confusing group of minerals. Most, but not all garnets are red in colour.  Grossular Garnets come in a wide range of colours and Uvarovite is always bright green.  There are many other types of Garnet such as Pyrope, Spessartine, Almandine and Andradite. Below is a brief description of some of these different types and their corresponding colours:

Garnet Types:

Almandine is the most commonly found type of Garnet – the one we usually find in jewellery - and is a deep red to reddish brown in colour. It is the iron-aluminium Garnet.  

Pyrope is a magnesium-iron based Garnet and is always red to deep red-black. 

Grossular has the widest range of colours including: clear, orange, green, red, yellow, black and even grey

    - Hessonite is the brown-orange variety of Grossular Garnet

    - Raspberry is the magenta-pink variety of Grossular Garnet 

Andradite Garnets – the calcium-iron Garnet – is sub-divided yet further into several varieties based on colour: 

    - Melanite which is black

    - Topazolite which is yellow

    - Demantoid which is bright green.  

Spessartine is a manganese rich specimen found in orange, brown or pink 

Uvarovite is a calcium chromium Garnet, usually very small crystals found on matrix and always an intense green.

Almandine Garnets (the most commonly found red specimens in jewellery) are linked with the Base or Root and Sacral chakras. The keywords with this crystal are stability, good health, trust, friendship, personal power and passion. An often overlooked crystal, due to its ready availability, these lovely stones promote friendship, balance and devotion. They can assist in developing a deep and enduring spiritual bond with partners, and where friendship is lacking can attract people to you. Wearing a piece also provides a constant monitoring/balancing energy between the physical and etheric bodies, and can also assist with Kundalini rising.

Grossular Garnets

    - Hessonite Garnets (the orange-red type of Grossular) are stones of creativity. Creativity does not always mean in an arts and crafts manner – it can relate to finding new ways of thinking and behaving too, leading us to abandon old and outmoded patterns which may have been holding us back.  They refresh and renew, restoring vigour.  This Garnet resonates best with both the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras and is also associated with home and family matters. 

    - Raspberry Garnets are an unusual deep magenta-pinkish type of Grossular (similar to the colour of a ruby) and have the added properties of promoting passion, love and emotional harmony. These lovely little crystals have a very uplifting, almost playful energy. Garnet in general is an energizing stone and is also an excellent chakra cleansing crystal. They resonate with both the Sacral (passion & sexuality) and Heart (emotion & love) chakras

Uvarovite Garnets (named after Count Sergey Semeonovich Uvarov) form as small, intense green, calcium chromium crystals, usually only available on matrix due to their size.  Often mis-sold or confused with other chromium bearing Garnets, such as chromium Grossular, chromium Pyrope or chromium Andradite (the latter is often sold as ‘Iranian Uvaravite’). Genuine Uvaravite Garnets resonate best with the Heart chakra and are said to awaken the charitable and compassionate side in ones nature. This can be especially useful when going through a prolonged period of spiritual trials. These trials may have lasted for years and have left us feeling absolutely stretched to the limits. Good fortune or abundance in any form appears to have abandoned us completely, often leaving us feeling anything but compassionate. In cases like this, Uvarovite can help us reconnect with our higher heart and to once again feel at peace with the process of change and to once again go with the flow. They are also believed to be a stone of manifestation, especially in relation to matters of abundance. 

Golden Healer crystals are usually always Quartz and get their colour from iron oxide; which is not necessarily throughout the whole crystal but is more often a coating on them. However, any crystal with this coating may be classified as a Golden Healer, but some are better than others and a true Golden Healer will have a superb vibration. To look at they appear very soft, gentle crystals, but when you pick one up you can immediately feel that they hold an enormous amount of energy. Not in the same way as say Phenacite or Azeztulite, but in a more subtle and tender manner.

Golden Rutile (see also Rutilated Quartz and Quartz properties) is a master vibrational healer.  It is said to possess the perfect balance of cosmic light and promotes spiritual growth.  When worn, it cleanses and energises the aura and is excellent for conditions where exhaustion and general energy depletion are factors and especially for respiratory conditions.

Goldstone is a man-made stone, made from dyed (brownish orange) glass with copper inclusions, which give it its trademark sparkle.  Copper is one of the best carriers of healing energy, and is often used in the production of wands and other healing tools

Green Moonstone  - see Rainbow Moonstone

Green Tourmaline - see Tourmaline

Grossular Garnet - see Garnet for general description or Grossular Garnet subsection for in-depth info and varieties.

Harlequin Quartz  Lepidocrocite inclusions form this quite spectacular Quartz, which present as fiery red dots in the crystal. Harlequins fill us with energy and align best with the Root or Base chakra, but also provide a link from the Base chakra to the Heart chakra, which can be of use for anyone experiencing fear. Harlequin crystals channel this fear energy up from the Root in to the Heart chakra where it can be released from the body. See also Quartz properties

Hematite is Iron Oxide and takes its name from the Greek work for blood, haima. At first glance this may not be an obvious name; with its silvery appearance, but in its powdery form it is blood red! Following a mineralogical expedition to Mars in 1996, both fine- and coarse-grained Hematite was found on the planet. Fine-grained Hematite is red in colour, with coarse-grained being silvery grey. It is the fine-grained Hematite being blown around during the seasonal Martian dust storms which gives Mars its characteristic red hue, giving rise to it being called ‘The Red Planet’. 

Hessonite Garnet - see Garnet for general description or Hessonite Garnet subsection for metaphysical details

Hollandite, from the Coronadite Group, is a brittle, silver/grey to black mineral which was first discovered in India in 1906 and named after a Mr T. H. Holland.  Whilst Hollandite can be found on its own, the most sought after type from a crystal healing perspective is found included in Quartz specimens, in particular in Cathedral Quartz (link opens in new window) formations, known as Lightbrary Star Quartz.  Click here for Lightbrary Star Quartz metaphysical properties.

Howlite  An extremely calming stone, when carried in your pocket it can absorb any anger you may be feeling.  Also helps those with an overly critical or selfish nature.  Physically it is excellent for disorders of the teeth and bones. Place a piece beneath your pillow to aid sleep and great for kids’ temper tantrums, although we do not advise giving small pieces or tumbles to children under three years old, as it may present a choking hazard. 

Although white with grey marbling or veining in its natural form, Howlite accepts dyes readily and is therefore often dyed blue to imitate Turquoise.  Some unscrupulous traders have even sold dyed Howlite as Turquoise because it is far cheaper to acquire.

Infinite Stone Infinite Stone is an unusual and high vibration form of Serpentine (a combination of Serpentine and Chrysolite) and is found in only one area in Africa. It is often referred to as the ‘Healer’s Stone’, due to its remarkable ability to draw out any pain and negativity manifested in our body.  Some have gone so far as to call them miracle stones and they have a lovely, soft quite angelic energy.  They are extremely useful for people who suffer from chronic pain but may also be of use for athletes who are be prone to injury.  They may, however, be used for any condition where pain is present, whether chronic or acute, physical or mental or emotional.

Iolite is a beautiful violet blue stone (the word iolite is Greek for ‘violet’), said to be a stone of vision, which, therefore, aligns best with the Third Eye or Brow Chakra.  It is from the Cordierite group of minerals, and is unusual in that is shows a strong pleochroism (an optical phenomenon caused by refracted light) which means it shows two colours. When viewed from one angle it can appear quite grey and lifeless, but when rotated in your hand through 90 degrees, it suddenly reveals the most beautiful violet colour!

Ipupiara Quartz – Goddess of Waters.  The word ‘Ipupiara’ comes from the language of the Ureu-eu-wau-wau (People of the Stars) tribe of the Amazon; a tribe once numbering 2,400, but now only 43 members survive. 

Isis Calcite has a strong link to the Divine or Sacred Feminine, helping integrate receptive, left brain, feminine energy; balancing it against any overactive male or Yang energy.  It also helps activate a repressed or sluggish Yin (female) side, making it equally useful for men and women. It helps all chakras work correctly; restoring harmonious resonance and has a special affinity with the Third Eye and Crown chakras. 

Jasper (see also Quartz properties and Agate) Jasper is essentially an impure form of Agate.  It is these very impurities, however, which give us the beautiful and wide range of colours. It can be found in many locations worldwide.  The properties of Jasper vary from stone to stone depending (mainly) on their colour, but all Jaspers share some common properties.  It is generally known as the supreme nurturer, and it is another stone often overlooked in favour of rarer or more exotic specimens because of its ready availability.  It is a gentle stone, and can help increase our ability to relax.  Sitting quietly with a piece can give us a feeling of tranquillity, peace and well-being. Good for patients with diagnosed heart conditions or high blood pressure to aid relaxation.  See also Leopard Skin Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Red Jasper, Ocean (Orbicular) Jasper, Picasso Jasper and Picture Jasper.

Kaolinite  Whilst not a crystal, Kaolinite is a mineral inclusion, sometimes found in crystals including Quartz, where it often presents as a white phantom inclusion.  Also known as China or Porcelain Clay, Kaolinite is a white to cream, layered silicate clay mineral from the Serpentine Group. When found in Quartz it can help stabilise spiritual energy, and, therefore, can be of benefit where an individual has made rapid spiritual growth, but feels the need to slow down somewhat in order that they may take stock of their progress and direction. Physically, Kaolinite included Quartz has been used to treat digestive disorders, especially those relating to the stomach.

Kunzite is the pink variety of Spodumene (the green and much rarer type is called Hiddenite). The most popular type with healers is the pink (getting its colour from its Lithium rich content) - ranging from a real blue/rose pink through to a beautiful violet pink. It is an extremely peaceful and spiritual stone which awakens the heart centre promoting unconditional love.  It is an excellent aid for those who find meditation difficult and is a very protective crystal.  It is said to be able to dispel negativity and just having it in your auric field is enough to cleanse your aura. Kunzite is also excellent for premature babies who are having difficulty adjusting to early life outside of the security of their mummy’s tummy. Best placed under the baby’s mattress, well out of reach, or placed on a table adjacent to the baby’s cot.  As with all babies and small children, care must be taken with crystals to avoid choking. Never leave a young child unattended with a crystal.  Some of the best examples of Kunzite come from Madagascar and Afghanistan.

Kyanite is Aluminum Silicate, from the Silicate group of minerals. It comes in white, grey-black and the more commonly found and most popular type, blue. It is a very useful throat charka stone, helping open communication on both the physical and spiritual levels. Amongst other things physically, it can help with thyroid imbalances (hypo & hyper) The black type often grows in fan-shaped ‘sprays’ and is an excellent grounding stone (useful after meditation) although it can be very brittle. Kyanite is unusual in that it never needs cleansing and just having it in your auric field realigns your chakras making it a must-have in any crystal collection!  In can be found in Brazil, India, Russia and the US. 

Labradorite from the Feldspar group of minerals, takes its name from where it was first discovered, Labrador in Canada.  It is also known as Spectrolite.  On first inspection, if viewed from the wrong angle, Labradorite can appear dull, grey and lifeless. Turn it gently in your hand and it springs to life with the mineral kingdom equivalent of a firework display, exhibiting a range of fiery, intense flashes, from the typical blues and violets through more unusual greens, yellows and oranges. Labradorite is a highly metaphysical stone and bringer of light.  It facilitates connection and communication with the angelic realm and deflects unwanted energies from the aura.  It calms the over-active mind and is an excellent stone to wear through times of change and upheaval.  It can clear, balance and protect the aura and has been called the Stone of Transformation. Its properties are as deep as its colourful flashes. A super Third Eye or Brow Chakra stone.

Lapis Lazuli It is one of the best intuitive stones, opening the third eye or Brow chakra when used or worn, can facilitate spiritual journeying and generally stimulates your spiritual energy.  Its Pyrite inclusions make it a protective stone, which shields and then returns negative and harmful energies back to their source.   Lapis also increases bonds in friendship and love, making it an ideal token of your affection for a loved one.

Larimar  Referred to as The Atlantis Stone, although an early record exists from the 1800s of a 'blue stone' from this area, Larimar was only recently officially recorded (in 1972) and can only be found in the Dominican Republic.  A real stone of the New Age with beautiful healing energy.  Due to its rarity Larimar can be very expensive

Lavakite - see Pearlspar

Lemurian Seed Crystal  Lemurian Seed Crystals are found only in the Sierra Do Cabral mountain in Minas Gerais, Brazil. These naturally formed crystals were discovered in late 1999/early 2000, placed individually in a sand bed, and were not attached to clusters. Some, but not all, carry a pink to reddish glow, others are brilliantly clear and some have phantoms, rainbows and inclusions, record keepers and keys.   Although a few have been polished to reveal their inner beauty, all genuine Lemurian Seed Crystals found in the sand bed were natural, unpolished wands. 

Leopard Skin Jasper (see also Jasper) This stone can help us discover and make contact with our animal totem. Sit and meditate with a piece and see which animal presents itself to you. With practice you may even find out their name and will be able to call upon them to aid healing and when in times of need or reassurance. This process can be doubly helped with this stone because it also assists with creative visualization.  As with the whole Jasper family, it is a protective stone, particularly good to wear or hold whilst meditating or carrying out soul retrieval.  Physically it helps eliminate toxins and promotes self-healing.

Lepidolite is a Lithium-rich form of Mica.  It is considered to be a great stress reliever and can aid recovery whilst in convalescence.  It is superb for stilling the over-active mind and has a powerful energy; repelling negativity from all about its energy field with great protective force.  It is also an excellent crystal for men to wear; helping bring balance to their feminine side, creating wholeness.

Libyan Desert Glass  In July 2006 a television documentary reported that the central scarab in one of the necklaces found in Tutankhamen’s tomb, was actually made of Libyan Desert Glass; an ancient extraterrestrial substance which pre-dates the earliest Egyptian civilization, and not Chalcedony, as previously thought.

Lithium Quartz is Quartz containing the mineral Lithium. It has a dusky pink colour, and often presents itself as pinkish phantom within the Quartz crystal.  It is a very energetic stone and one of balance, harmony and peace. Whilst this combination is powerful, it releases its energy in a slower more manageable way than with, for example, Moldavite.  It can cleanse and balance Chakras; releasing tension and energy blockages and is an excellent stone for helping release old anger. It achieves this by enabling us to recognise the patterns and circumstances which trigger our anger, so starting the process of release and healing. Working with this combination crystal is also thought excellent for states of grief; where one feels unable to move forward and a feeling of hopelessness exists. It can also alleviate other states where depression is indicated.

Lodolite  Widely used and accepted in the crystal healing world, Lodolite is the unofficial trade name for mineral included Brazilian Quartz. The main mineral inclusions in Lodolite are Iron, Chlorite and Calcite.  This lovely included Quartz (usually clear although sometimes smokey) gives the impression of looking at a rocky or coral seabed through a glass-bottomed boat. Some also look like magical landscapes captured in Quartz, or a beautiful, underwater garden.

Mahogany Obsidian - see Obsidian

Malachite Malachite, with its trademark bands and swirls, takes it name from the Greek work malache meaning ‘mallow’ which refers to its leaf green colour.  It is thought to be the oldest known green pigment, having been used as a paint or dye for many centuries.  Its chemical formulation is Copper Carbonate Hydroxide, and it is its high copper content which gives it its gorgeous, vibrant green colour.  It is also this high copper content which gives it its outstanding healing properties – copper being one of the best channellers of healing energies.  It is known as a stone of transformation and whilst it can balance all Chakras, it is perhaps best suited to the Heart Chakra. Working with this stone can help counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies (i.e. always attracting the ‘wrong sort’) and can help encourage true, pure, unconditional love. It is a stone of good fortune, prosperity and abundance and is also very protective.  It can provide general protection from negative and destructive dark energies and has been known as a protector of children. It is also said to safeguard people when flying, and as such may be good for those who work in aviation. Malachite occurs throughout the world from the Congo, Namibia and the Ural mountains in Russia to Mexico, Australia, the south-western United States and even England.  When mined it is quite brittle and powdery, measuring only 3½ - 4 on Mohs’ Scale. It is often found in combination with Chrysocolla.

Merlinite  (Real name: Dendritic White Agate see also Agate and Chalcedony).  Merlinite is in fact moss agate with black dendritic formations within a matrix of translucent and white agate (chalcedony). Although the dendritic pattern resembles a fossilized plant, it is in fact inorganic manganese oxide.  It is known as the Heaven and Earth Stone, connecting these two spheres and, therefore, is also known for its ability to balance energy. Wearing or holding a piece during meditation is said to assist access to the Akashic Records; to be able to see and recognize our Karmic history, and consequently to be able to understand our here and now.  It has magical, shamanic connections and pieces which exhibit a good translucent section can be used as a seer’s stone.

Moldavite About 20 million years ago a meteorite shower hit Earth, landing along the banks of the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.  These meteorites hit with such enormous force that the rock they struck melted, merging with the meteorite, and the crystal we now know as Moldavite was the result.  Being found in only one location on the planet, it is a rare crystal with a beautiful translucent, bottle-green hue, and due to its origins, is a stone with extraterrestrial properties.  When placed on the third eye, Moldavite helps us to establish a connection with the Cosmos, and when placed on the heart it teaches us to appreciate our gift and true purpose of being here on Earth.  It is an extremely powerful crystal, and it can take time to become attuned to its dynamic energies.  It is recommended, therefore, that when starting to work with Moldavite you keep it in your auric field for a while before wearing it.  Because of its most unusual power it can also be useful work with it in conjunction with a grounding stone such as Black Tourmaline or Hematite.  With Moldavite you can truly say, 'the sky's the limit!'

Morganite (the Pink variety of Beryl) As Rose Quartz is thought of as the stone of personal/self love, Morganite is considered the stone of Divine love. It opens the heart on a higher level, connecting us to cosmic love. Morganite gives us the opportunity to surrender to the immense power of Divine love, and to let it show us our life path more clearly.  It is one of the major ascension stones of our age.

Moss Agate (see also Quartz properties and Agate) One of the most beautiful Earth healers, Moss Agate has areas of white Quartz (less often found also with Clear Quartz patches) together with swirls of beautiful deep green matter and sometimes little bits which look like tiny pieces of moss.  It is not moss but inorganic dendritic matter. It has also been called the Gardener’s Stone or Farmer’s Stone because of its links with prosperous harvests – used when planting or to surround new plants. Moss Agate can also help us gain peace with extreme or excessive duties in life and helps bring self-confidence and to build self-esteem. A great emotional balancer. Moss Agate is also a protective stone, as are all agates.

Nebula Stone is comprised of four minerals - Quartz, Anorthoclase, Riebeckite, and Aegirine, and is said to have quite unique properties.  It is a newly discovered stone and we still have much to learn about its properties and use, but early work (meditations and channelling) has found it to be a stone of unity and oneness.  It has a dark matrix (base) with beautiful deep green orbs or circles and polishes to a high shine, making it very smooth to the touch.  The circles have been referred to as 'eyes' also suggesting a protective quality.  A fascinating new find indeed.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, produced when felsic lava from a volcano cools rapidly with minimum crystal growth. Obsidian is commonly found within the margins of rhyolitic lava flows known as ‘obsidian flows’. Because of the lack of crystal structure it is possible to cut or chip Obsidian into very thin, sharp layers. This is why it was a favoured medium used by ancient civilizations for the production of arrowheads. Obsidian is comprised of more then 70% Silicon Dioxide, but due to its lack of crystalline structure, it cannot be classified as a true mineral, but is often referred to as a ‘mineraloid’ (a mineral-like substance which doesn’t exhibit any crystallinity. Jet, Opal and Pearl are also examples of mineraloids)

It usually occurs in dark colours; brown, green and more commonly black, and these colours occur depending on the impurities they contain like iron or magnesium.  Rainbow and Sheen Obsidian are particularly beautiful varieties. The colour in these two comes from tiny gas bubbles which were trapped inside the moving lava flow along layers before it cooled. Another lovely variety is Snowflake Obsidian, which is essentially black Obsidian but with small inclusions of the mineral cristobalite, which radiate out forming the appearance of tiny white snowflakes in the stone. Apache Tears are roundish nuggets of black Obsidian on a white or grey Perlite matrix. All of the Obsidians (with the exception of man-made Blue Obsidian) make excellent Root or Base Chakra stones.

Black Obsidian is especially dynamic, and due to its shiny surface is said to enable self development and growth through self insight and reflection; to be able to look inward to see where changes are needed within ourselves and also to discover hidden abilities, talents and energy reserves we have not yet tapped into. It has a very ‘no-nonsense’ feel to it, whilst Snowflake Obsidian has a slightly gentler energy. 

Snowflake Obsidian is sometimes referred to as the Stone of Heaven and Earth; bringing both energies into harmony and balance. It can be used to help gently resolve issues by providing clarity; helping us to see a complex and trying situation from a different, more beneficial perspective.  It can provide support and balance through these sometimes difficult times of change.      

Rainbow and Sheen Obsidian is most noted for its ability to bring a little levity to a situation; it brings love and light where there is darkness, uplifting our spirits and therefore our energy; promoting joy and happiness. Just looking at a piece of Rainbow Obsidian with its beautiful iridescent rainbows floating in a deep dark sea is enough to start this process. Using or wearing a piece can encourage us to have a little more fun; to lighten up, and it has been referred to as the Stone of Pleasure. The Silver or Golden Sheen types especially can be used as scrying stones (particularly for romantic relationship matters) and are also said to promote clairvoyance. As with the other Obsidians these are super grounding, protective Root or Base Chakra stones

Mahogany Obsidian, with its beautiful mixture of rich earthy browns in a deep black base is a gorgeous, sensual stone. Again, it has the trademark protective and grounding properties of all Obsidians. It balances the physical energy body.

Apache Tears, legend has it, were formed in the earth from the tears cried by the women of the Apache tribe after their men had fallen in battle. These little stones therefore are especially good in times of grief or sorrow and can provide support and comfort as well as protection when we are at our most vulnerable emotionally and physically.

Blue Obsidian available in the shops today is merely blue dyed glass. Nonetheless it has a vibration of its own because of its colour (not for any mineral or crystal properties) and they are very attractive, translucent aqua-blue stones.

Ocean Jasper (also known as Orbicular Jasper) is very soothing and helps to love one's self as well as others. It is an emotional healer and helps brings peace of mind. It also assists with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. The circulars patterns on Ocean Jasper symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected, as nature itself has a cyclical pattern. Being a type of jasper, it is a very protective stone, and any orbs or eyes, enhance this in regard to protection from dark, negative energies or the ‘evil eye’. It relates to the Heart Chakra. See also Jasper.

Onyx is part of the Agate family, and although most commonly found in black or white colours, it can also be grey, blue, brown, yellow and red.  Onyx is known as the Stone of Strength - mentally and emotionally; giving support to the wearer during difficult or trying times.  It is said to have the ability to hold on to the energies and memories of the wearer, making it excellent for psychometry work, but it can also be used to access past life memories; enabling us to recognize hurts from a previous incarnation, therefore allowing us to see the negative patterns which we may have brought through into this life which need to be released and so healed. It also balances the masculine and feminine parts of our nature, and can bring strength where fear is present.

Opal is Hydrated Silicon Dioxide.  It is a member of the Mineraloid class because it does not have a true ‘crystalline’ structure.  The are usually found on the sites of old geothermal springs, and were formed gradually, over hundreds and thousands of years from minerals deposits left in cracks and cavities, which had previously seeped up from the earth into these springs. 

There are two main types of Opal; Precious and Common, and Precious Opal is further divided into three groups: Black White and Fire, and they can contain a kaleidoscope of colour. Each has slightly differing metaphysical properties, but generally speaking Opals are known as the Stone of Emotional Harmony. It is in essence, a very feminine stone, aligning with the Moon’s gentle vibrations, but an Opal possessing a deep flash of colour is said to also carry the masculine energy of the Sun – Yin and Yang in perfect harmony.  Its main alliance is, however, with the Moon.  Its gentle energy can bring deep, long buried emotions up to the surface to be recognised, accepted and released.  This process can often begin through our dreams, so if you find yourself being attracted to this most beautiful of stones, pay particular attention to your dreams. Wearing it can also help us understand the higher purpose of change and to attract positive energies to further this process.  

Opals have been prized in jewellery for thousands of years, and today the best examples are to be found in Australia, with large deposits also found in Mexico and the USA.  Good quality Opals have ‘opalescence’ and lustre and some seem to have an incredible fire burning within them, and they can be found with almost any colour contained within them.  They have a high water content so should not be worn in direct contact with the skin, however, most jewellery settings do not allow for this.   See also Boulder Opal and Fire Opal.

Opal Aura (also known as Angel Aura) This is one of the most delightful of the Aura crystals. It is Clear Quartz coated with either Platinum or Platinum and Silver.  It has a soft white colour with subtle metallic rainbow hues and it resonates with the Violet, Silver and Blue Rays. Exceptionally protective crystal, yet with a delightful, serene vibration. It is excellent for sensitive types and also where chronic conditions are indicated. Wonderful for angelic communication; is purifying, calming and can restore inner peace. Other members of the coated Quartz family are: Aqua Aura, Titanium Aura, Tanzine Aura and Ruby Aura (See also Quartz properties and Coated Quartz)

Opalite (also known as Sea Opal).  Although man-made (from glass), due to its lovely colour, changing from blue through white to pale orange depending which way it is viewed, Opalite is becoming increasingly popular. It is a high quality glass with an infusion of milky opalescent lemon/blue colouration and has a quite magical appearance, reminiscent of genuine Opal.

Orbicular Jasper – see Ocean Jasper

Ouro Verde Quartz is green/gold Quartz and is said to contain the golden energy of the star Arcturus. This is Citrine in its natural, unheated form. It is exposure to heat artificially which gives the vast majority of commercially available Citrine the golden orange colour we are familiar with. 

Pearlspar or Lavakite is a form of Dolomite.  It is said that Pearlspar will help you to learn everything you need to know to enable you to reach your full potential, bringing out any hidden or, indeed, repressed talents.  It is also thought to help you become more adaptable, to bend like a tree in the wind.  It can help us to see change as a new and beneficial opportunity, providing energy and fortitude to help overcome any perceived difficulties that change may present. A stone to reawaken the dormant inner self. Helps us connect to the Earth’s energies and when in our energy sphere, provides a protective field.  Also believed to help assist in the ability to see auras.

Peridot is most often found in jewellery, with records of it being mined for this use going back some four thousand years. It is a very versatile crystal but is perhaps best known metaphysically as an emotional healer, especially where deep hurt is carried in the heart.  Wearing or working with a piece helps us to understand the lessons of painful relationships from a spiritual progression perspective.  It can enable us to see clearly the reasons we found ourselves in a given situation, helping us to release the pain associated with this experience from our auric body. It can also help those who find themselves continually falling into ‘victim mode’ or for those who suffer from that most destructive of energies, jealousy.

Phenacite (Phenakite) Due to its incredibly high vibration (believed to be the highest on the planet), Phenacite is one of the major Ascension Stones.  It clears and activates all of the upper chakras (from 8th to 12th) and is especially attuned with the Crown chakra, helping activate the ‘light body’.  It is said to have initiated contact with all Angelic beings and Ascended Masters. This incredibly powerful light workers tool should be treated with great respect.  It is a very rare crystal.  Due to similarities, Phenacite was long mistaken for Quartz.  As a result when it was identified as a new mineral it took its name from the Greek work meaning ‘to deceive’.  Although similar to Quartz in appearance, the indices of refraction are higher, which means that when faceted, it has a brilliance not dissimilar to Diamond.  It can be found in the Urals (in Emerald and Topaz mines), in Colorado, Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Norway.  It is a rare beryllium mineral (same family as Emerald and Aquamarine) from the Silicate class. It can appear colourless, white, greyish, pinkish, brownish and yellow.

Picasso Jasper (also called Picasso Stone) is a very calming and grounding stone.  It is also a very creative stone, clearing the mind of unnecessary clutter leaving space for inspiration, helping us to ‘think outside of the box’; to think differently. It also promotes self-discipline.

Picture Jasper Picture Jasper is a harmonious stone, excellent for the highly strung, creative personality. Working with it (wearing or holding a piece) can help show us our hidden fears; fears which may have put psychological restrictions on our progress in life.  An excellent stone for healing emotional wounds thereby restoring accord.

Pineapple Quartz – see Spirit Quartz

Pink Moonstone – see Rainbow Moonstone

Pink Petalite is a rare and magical stone which shimmers beautifully in the light.  It has an exceptionally high vibration and exudes the pure Pink Ray (3rd Ray) of divine love, peace and forgiveness, which is governed by Archangel Chamuel and Ascended Master Lord Serapis Bay.  Pink Petalite can assist us when working at a high spiritual level, communing with all Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. As a result it is commonly referred to as The Stone of the Angels.  A Major Ascension Stone!  Technical, Pink Petalite contains Lithium (which gives it its beautiful colour), Aluminium and Silicon.  It takes its name from the Greek word for leaf, ‘petalon’, and can be found in various locations around the world including Afghanistan, Burma, Namibia, Sweden and Brazil.  More commonly occurring specimens are colourless, grey and white.

Pink Tourmaline - see Tourmaline

Pyrope - see Garnet

Quantum Quatro Silica is the trade name for an as yet unclassified mineral. It’s an unusual blend of Royal Blue Shattuckite, Mid Blue Chrysocolla, Forest Green Dioptase and Mid Green Malachite, all in a silicon dioxide (or Quartz), base and with a mottled appearance.

Rainbow Moonstone is the mineral Oligoclase from the Feldspar group. Moonstone and Sunstone are its commercial, or gemstone names (Sunstone being Oligoclase with hematite inclusions, which give it its orangey/red colour).  Rainbow Moonstone, so-called because in daylight it shimmers with an ethereal glow reminiscent of moonlight, has a very gentle, feminine energy. It is also known as the Wish Stone.  It has been used to strengthen intuition and to heighten the psychic experience.  Its rainbow energy, resonating with the whole spectrum, is a great cleanser on all energetic levels.  It is one of the best protective crystals, instantly dispersing negative energies on contact.  It can have blue, green and rarely, pink flashes.

Blue Moonstone Technically speaking this is Rainbow Moonstone but cut from a large blue-flash section. Gorgeous blue iridescent colour, it has all the properties of Rainbow Moonstone but with the added benefits of helping us see and speak the truth.

Green Moonstone  Technically speaking this is Rainbow Moonstone but with a permanent green-flash. Therefore, it has all the same properties as Rainbow Moonstone but is also perfect for all matters connected with the heart. A wonderful crystal for lovers of nature and the ‘green’ environment.

Pink Moonstone Again, this is technically Rainbow Moonstone and has all the same properties, but with its permanent baby  pink, iridescent colour, it the perfect stone for all matters connected with the Heart.  It can help restore the carefree innocence and joyfulness we felt as young children and therefore great for inner child work.  Pink Moonstone is still very hard to come by.

Rainbow Obsidian - see Obsidian

Raspberry Garnet - see Garnet for general description or Raspberry Garnet (subsection of Grossular Garnet) for metaphysical properties

Red Jasper (see also Jasper) Red Jasper is one of the best known Root Chakra crystals and its keyword is balance.  Excellent where extreme imbalances of the Root Chakra are indicated: excessive fear, undisciplined or underweight (under active chakra) and greedy, materialistic, sluggish nature or obesity (over active chakra).  It is this ability to balance that has also led Red Jasper to be known as the Stone of Justice – bringing equilibrium to unfair or unjust situations. If you are ever involved in legal proceedings, or find yourself in an unfair situation personally or professionally, using or wearing a piece may help secure a fair outcome. Always remember, however, that ‘fair’ means being honest with yourself and not wishing for an outcome motivated by greed, fear or revenge.

Rose Quartz The stone of self- and unconditional love.  Most of us know about the properties of Rose Quartz.  It is often one of the first crystals we work with or come into contact with. Commercially it is almost always marketed as a Love Stone, which indeed it is, and has been regarded so for thousands of years with its beautiful, sweet energy, but the following explanation is (we hope you will find) a slightly different and deeper interpretation of this much loved, but often overlooked pink stone. 

Much is talked about and written about unconditional love.  It is as though it has become the buzz-word or catchphrase for those of us on the spiritual path, but how many of us really, truly not just practise it, but achieve it? Do you ever find yourself having expectations from people? Even small ones?  For example, ‘I know I shouldn’t expect anything back from him/her, but I sent them a birthday card /bought them a present and didn’t get one back’. Or, ‘I always call them but they never call me . . .’ and so on.  To feel let down, to be disappointed, to expect a certain response or reaction is not loving unconditionally or loving the  self.  But let’s not be too hard on ourselves.  One of the biggest misconceptions with spirituality is that we should always turn the other cheek and emanate love. But being spiritual doesn’t mean being a door mat, far from it.  We still have boundaries, but ones put in place knowingly and not through fear or expectation. These are the boundaries of truth and compassion.  It’s about learning to speak our truth, but with compassion for our fellow human beings, and speaking our truth without fear of reprisal.  

Ruby is a deep pink to red crystal from the illustrious mineral family Corundum. It has an equally famous sister; Sapphire, and although we generally think of Sapphires as being blue, they are in fact any colour except red. This mineral group produce the second hardest crystals known to man, with Diamond being number one.  Ruby is a stone of the earthly realms. It is said to be a protector of hearth, home and personal possessions. It is also the stone of integrity, passion and contentment and has been given and received throughout the ages as a symbol of devotion and passion. In the secret language of stones, if given in a jewellery setting together with Diamond and Pearl, it is said to mean, ‘I Love You Passionately’!  Rough Ruby specimens are one of the best and most cost effective ways to work with this stones energy for healing purposes, and these often have the added benefit of having Record Keepers on them. Ruby resonates with the Root or Base Chakra. 

Ruby Aura Beautiful member of the Coated Quartz family. This is Clear Quartz coated with Gold and Platinum. Vitality and passion are this crystal’s keywords. Super where lethargy is present, especially after a long or persistent illness and also for restoring vivacity and strength after grief or loss. This is a protective crystal on a physical level and it resonates with the Root or Base Chakra.  Other members of the coated Quartz family are: Opal (Angel) Aura, Titanium (Flame) Aura, Aqua Aura and Tanzine Aura (See also Quartz properties and Coated Quartz)

Ruby in Fuschite This combination merges the best qualities of Ruby and Fuschite together in one lovely stone. Brilliant splashes of the scarlet Ruby float in a gentle sea of pale green Fuschite (often accented by little bits of blue Kynaite). Fuschite, when used with other crystals, is said to help speed up the healing process and Ruby amplifies emotions, making this combination a superb healer of emotional wounds. Ruby is also known for its passion for life and people, thus helping restore a little vigour where there has despondency.

Ruby in Zoisite (also known as Anyolite).  This crystal combination aids physical vitality and is good for the recovering patient.  A very dynamic stone, it can energize the whole energy field.  Amplifies all psychic abilities and is said to attract money to the wearer.  It is excellent for accessing past life memories giving the user the ability to identify karma brought through to this life, and therefore the lessons needed to learn. See also Ruby.

Rutilated Quartz (see also Quartz Properties) Rutilated Quartz, is Quartz with needle like rutile inclusions in it.  Rutile means red in latin and the most commonly found form of rutile is red. They may also, however, be golden, silvery and rarely greenish.

It is thought of as an energizing stone that helps get energy moving (on all levels) helping kick-start sluggish chakras. It is also believed to help stabilize love relationships. Emotionally it can also be very helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and imbalances, making it an excellent stone for sufferers of depression, whilst physically it said to be beneficial for food intolerance, disorders of the immune system, fatigue (CFS/ME) and respiratory illnesses such as asthma.  Rutilated Quartz is also a wonderful diagnostic tool, helping us discover the true cause of an ailment – as a crystal healer you could place a piece on the throat or third eye chakra of a client to assist in unlocking of buried emotional or mental issues, or use a pendulum made from this super crystal.

Satya Mani™ Quartz  One of the newly discovered, high vibrational crystals, Satya Mani™ Quartz is a natural crystal whose name means, 'Gem of Truth'. They bring one into conscious resonance with the truth of the heart.

According to Heaven and Earth's description of this lovely new crystal find, they can help one to realise one's existence as soul and spirit and to attune to the inter-relatedness of all beings. The intensify the circuit of consciousness between the heart and high brain, or the third eye and crown chakras and they aid in development of one's powers of creative manifestation. They are stones of spiritual enlightenment and support one in bringing joy and pleasure into the world through the expression of love.

Sea Opal - see Opalite

Seraphinite  (also known as Clinochlore) gets its deep green colour from Chlorite – considered to be one of the Master Healing stones - and has feathery, silvery iridescent markings. It comes from a mine in the Lake Baikal region of Russia.   This is a most effective stone for cellular regeneration and when used in a treatment session can cause a flush of pure healing energy to be released. It acts as a trigger, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to start to dissolve away allowing for new patterns to be created, and, therefore, letting a client hold a piece while they talk to you can prove beneficial. It is the premier healing stone of this age. It is the tool most suited to bringing the physical body into line with the Light body. While the beautiful green shade is perfect for the Heart chakra, it can be used on any chakra to enhance and harmonize energy.

Shiva Lingams symbolise the embodiment of Yin/Yang energy in perfect balance and harmony. A form of cryptocrystalline quartz, Shiva Lingams are found only in the waters of the Narmada River in Onkar Mandhata, India, which is considered one of the holiest rivers in India.  These rare and mystical stones are naturally river-tumbled - which give them their shape – but are given a final polish by hand to bring out their full beauty.  The Sanskrit name for these sacred stones is ‘Narmadeshwara’, which means ‘Lord of the Narmada’.  Considered the ultimate fertility stone, they are worshipped by Hindus worldwide as the embodiment of Lord Shiva. ‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for phallus and their shape embodies the masculine principle: dynamic expression and knowledge, whilst the markings (which are unique to each stone), called ‘Yoni’, represent the feminine: wisdom and  intuition.  Therefore, the female energy arouses the masculine urge to create.  

Siberian Amethyst Quartz This is speciality Quartz, which is lab-grown.  Genuine Siberian Quartz Crystals are collected and then grown in controlled conditions in a laboratory and infused with manganese and iron, which gives them their lovely violet colour.  This process produces completely flawless and pure Amethyst Quartz.  Metaphysically, these stones are said to be powerful carriers of the Violet Ray, which is said to have the power to clear all karmic debt as well as to free us from physical pain. They are said to embody the qualities St Germain, Master of the Violet Flame. ‘Siberian’ is also a term often applied to gemstones of a flawless nature and of the and highest AAA grade. See also Quartz properties and Amethyst.

Siberian Blue Quartz This is speciality quartz, which is lab-grown.  Genuine Siberian Quartz Crystals are collected and then grown in controlled conditions in a laboratory and infused with cobalt, which gives them their lovely blue colour.  This process produces completely flawless and pure blue Quartz.  Metaphysically, these stones are said to be powerful carriers of the Blue Ray, which is related to both the throat and third eye chakras.  They are said to embody the qualities of inner vision, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. ‘Siberian’ is also a term often applied to gemstones of a flawless nature and of the and highest AAA grade. See also Quartz properties.

Siberian Green Quartz  This is a speciality quartz, which is lab-grown.  Genuine Siberian Quartz Crystals are collected and then grown in controlled conditions in a laboratory and infused with copper, which gives them their lovely deep green colour.  This process produces a completely flawless and pure Quartz.  Metaphysically, these stones are said to be powerful carriers of the Green Ray, which is related to the heart chakra.  They are said to embody the qualities of unconditional love and general healing. ‘Siberian’ is also a term often applied to gemstones of a flawless nature and of the and highest AAA grade.  See also Quartz properties.

Smokey (Smoky) Quartz (see also Quartz properties) Grounding, anchoring, protective.  This powerful and extremely useful stone soaks up negativity and electromagnetic pollution like a sponge, so it needs regular cleansing.  In fact it does its job so well that no home should be without a good piece of Smokey Quartz.  A firm favourite but still hard to find good quality specimens set in jewellery. Smokey Quartz is Quartz exposed to radiation from the rocks which surround it - it is often found in granite rocks which emit a small but persistent amount of radiation. Unfortunately a large proportion of Smokey Quartz available commercially today has been artificially irradiated to produce a dark colour. However, natural specimens of this crystal are still available worldwide, with notable producers being Brazil, areas of Colorado in the US and Switzerland. There is even a variety from the Cairngorms in Scotland.  The darkest natural variety is called Morion Smokey Quartz.

Snowflake Obsidian - see Obsidian

Sodalite  So called because it is a Sodium rich stone, Sodalite is often mistaken for Lazurite or Lapis Lazuli, but it is a royal blue rather than ultramarine in colour. Sodalite also rarely contains pyrite, a common inclusion in Lapis. It is further distinguished from similar minerals by its white streaks or patches.  A very useful stone for the mind, Sodalite can assist in creating order out of mental confusion.  If worn whilst meditating it can help us understand why we are in any given situation and to discover the lessons needed to learn to progress.  It is protective and works extremely well with the third eye or Brow chakra and is said to be especially useful for the over-sensitive personality where phobias, fear or guilt are present.

Spessartine - see Garnet

Spirit Quartz  The many tiny terminations which surround the main point in these types of Quartz formation are said to greatly amplify the energy of the crystal.  Also known as Pineapple Quartz, they are said to help access the mystical realm of fairies.  They are also excellent for group work - the large point being supported and cradled by the smaller ones.  They are usually found as Amethyst points and clusters, and some of the paler ones have been coated to become part of the ‘Aura’ family of crystals, especially Aqua Aura

Star Quartz - see Lightbrary Star Quartz

Strawberry Quartz A rare form of red Quartz, Strawberry Quartz is one of the most potent Heart chakra crystals.  It helps to balance the connection between the physical heart, heart chakra and higher heart; filling us with a feeling of true love.  It also balances the whole physical and subtle body systems.  Strawberry Quartz can also assist with connection to the Source or centre of Universal energy where we can find answers to many of the questions surrounding our existence both as an individual and as a race of incarnate humans.    

Sugilite Sugilite (also known as Luvulite or Royal Lavulite) is most definitely a stone for the New Age.  It is an incredibly powerful healer and represents spiritual love and wisdom.  When used or worn it is said to help the new energies present on the planet, flow into the Crown Chakra and then down through the others, helping us to connect with the ‘Source’.  It is named after the Japanese geologist who first discovered it in 1944, Ken-ichi Sugi and is a wonderful collector's mineral as it is only found in 3 locations in the world – Iwagi Islet, Japan, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada and the most prolific producer, Wessel's Mine, Kuruman, South Africa.  High grade, deep purple Sugilite is becoming extremely scarce and is, therefore, becoming very expensive.

Sunstone is the mineral Oligoclase from the Feldspar group. Sunstone and Moonstone are its commercial, or gemstone names Sunstone being Olioclase with Hematite inclusions, which give it its orangey/red colour.  Its keywords are healing, protection and success, and as its name suggests, it resonates with the masculine energy of the Sun, making it the perfect counterpart to its sister-stone, Moonstone.  It is a dynamic, energy giving crystal, good for activating sluggish, lower Chakras.  It is a light bringer and will bring in happiness with its cheerful energy.  Excellent for suffers of SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder), and for general cleansing of the liver and kidneys.

Tanzanite Is a beautiful violet-blue stone which takes its name from its source; Tanzania in Africa. Due to its increasing scarcity, is rare to find it in rough or tumbled pieces of a useable size and is therefore, more often found in small jewellery settings. Tanzanite is a blue, gemstone variety of  Zoisite and is fairly soft – 6.5 to 7 on Moh’s Scale – and can be quite brittle in its rough (natural, unpolished) form.  It has a very high vibration and is a carrier of the beautiful Violet Ray or Violet Flame, governed by Ascended Master, St Germain.  Prolonged use of this stone, whether through regular meditation with a small piece or by wearing the crystal, can clear any blockages which may be present between the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras; thus creating an open channel. It is also said to aid inner vision and psychic abilities. It is best cleansed by moonlight.

Tanzine Aura  is similar in appearance to Aqua Aura (slightly paler) but resonates more with the higher vibration Violet Ray (Violet Flame) than the Blue Ray. It is Clear Quartz coated with either Indium or Indium and Gold giving it a gorgeous violet-indigo colour. High vibration crystal which can help with non-attachment and releasing Karmic debt, therefore it is excellent for ascension work. Aids intuition on a different level to Aqua Aura, providing access to the Source for inner-knowledge and enlightenment. It is called Tanzine after its similarities to Tanzanite. Other members of the coated Quartz family are: Opal (Angel) Aura, Titanium (Flame) Aura, Aqua Aura and Ruby Aura (See also Quartz properties and Coated Quartz)

Tektites  Tektites originate from meteorites, and, therefore, have extraterrestrial origins.  They are said to help us connect with other-worldly realms and if we are open to their subtle energies, they can help advance our spiritual growth.  Traditionally they were worn or carried as fertility talismans. When used in crystal healing, Tektites have been known to be able to reverse the flow of an incorrectly spinning chakra.  They are also excellent at balancing chakras generally, and can help balance Yin Yang energies in the body.

Tibetan Quartz (also known as Tibetan Blackspot – see also Quartz properties) has a beautiful spiritual energy, and they are said to carry the powerful 'OM' vibration which aligns with both the Crown and Higher Crown Chakras.  They are also said to hold the sacred energy frequencies and the wisdom of this most ancient of cultures.  They not only look, but feel ancient, and they have a beautiful calming energy about them. They usually have carbon 'blackspot' inclusions and often have small nicks out of the termination which does not affect their integrity one bit.  Such crystals are often referred to as Warrior Crystals. They are very powerful when used as part of a healing grid because of their ability to dissolve blocked energy.

Tiger(s) Eye A chatoyant version of Chalcedony, therefore also a member of the Quartz family.  (Chatoyant means when a stone exhibits a silky, somewhat lustrous look when light hits it from different angles).  This reflective quality gives it a protective quality and it also considered a stone of good fortune, especially in consideration of financial luck.  It has been used successfully to give power boosts to the Solar Plexus Chakra, consequently, is good metaphysically where a weak-will or low self-esteem are indicated; physically for gastric disorders and mentally as a courage booster.

Tiger(s) Iron is a combination of Tiger Eye with Red Jasper and Hematite and aligns/vibrates with the Sacral and Root Chakras.  It possesses the properties of all three of the above stones but is primarily used for grounding, is a protective stone and working with or wearing a piece promotes courage and physical and mental strength. Excellent to have around when recuperating.

Titanium Aura (also known as Flame Aura) is Clear Quartz coated with Titanium and Niobium and has a vibrant, deep metallic, rainbow colour, like looking at oil on water. It stimulates clairvoyant abilities; a seer’s stone. It can assist with kundalini rising, and is excellent for all creative endeavours and resonates with the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. A wonderful crystal when looking for inspiration; whether artistically, in business or to find a creative solution to a persistent problem. Other members of the coated Quartz family are: Opal (Angel) Aura, Titanium (Flame) Aura, Tanzine Aura, Aqua Aura and Ruby Aura.  (See also Quartz properties and Coated Quartz)

Topaz is typically found as a beautiful, golden brown to yellow stone, with the latter often being mistaken for Citrine, and vice versa. Blue Topaz is found in nature, but is far rarer. Most of the Blue Topaz available commercially is usually heat treated clear Topaz. Nonetheless, it is still real Topaz and has the same metaphysical properties of the naturally occurring type.  It is one of the hardest crystals on the planet, which is one of the reasons why it has been used extensively in jewellery making for thousands of years.  It carries a joyful energy and is considered a very lucky stone, attracting good fortune to the wearer.  The blue in particular is a stone of spiritual love and peace.  It is also a manifestation stone, helping to realize dreams in the physical realm.

Topaz, Mystic  Mystic Topaz was first introduced at the Hong Kong Jewellery Trade Fair in 1998. It is genuine, natural Topaz that has been enhanced by bonding or coating the gemstone surface with Titanium.  The coating is only one micron thick but its effects are permanent, and the effect is quite magical, producing a stone with an iridescent, mystical appearance.  It has the added benefit of enhancing the already beautiful metaphysical properties of Topaz with the energies of Titanium.  This combination greatly amplifies the Third Eye or Brow Chakra – it utilizes the spiritual vibration of Topaz and creates a beautiful seer’s stone.

Tourmaline  All Tourmalines are powerful crystals with dynamic energy or vibrations.  They come in a myriad of colours, with prices varying almost as much as the choice of colour.  Most are readily available in either shops or on the internet; with Black (Schrol) Tourmaline being the cheapest and Paraiba Tourmaline being extremely expensive.  Blue (Indicolite) Tourmaline specimens can also be pricey for good quality specimens.  By far the most popular are black, pink, blue and green Tourmaline. In mineralogical terms, Tourmaline is best described as a group of related but very complex aluminum borosilicate minerals. There are eleven distinct mineral species of Tourmaline, based on chemical composition: Buergerite, Chromdravite, Dravite, Elbaite, Feruvite, Foitite, Liddicoatite, Olenite, Povondraite, Schorl and Uvite.  They get their vast array of colours from various metal ions like Iron, Manganese, Titanium and Copper.  

Some Tourmalines have been give common names like Rubilite for pink to red, Schrol for black, Indicolite for blue and Watermelon for those with a pink or red centre surrounded by green Tourmaline.  Others are named after the person who first recorded them (‘Buergerite’ after Professor Buerger), whilst others still, are named after their prime source, as with ‘Paraiba’ Tourmaline, from Paraiba State in Brazil.  Many are so similar to the naked eye, though, that the only way to accurately define which of the eleven groups they fit in to would be via lab analysis.  Elbaite, for example, comes in a wide range of colours in itself, from green, blue, pink, yellow and so on.  Those, therefore, without a common name or certification are usually referred to by their colour, such as Green Tourmaline.  The name ‘Tourmaline’ comes from the Sinhalese (language spoken by the natives of Sri Lanka) word turmali, which was originally used to refer to an assortment of coloured stones.

Metaphysically, Tourmaline crystals have been valued throughout the ages for their stunning beauty as much as for their healing qualities. When faceted the pink/red, blue and green varieties have often been mistaken for Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds.  In healing terms, Tourmaline crystals act fast in resolving problems; cutting straight to the heart of the issue with their clarity, energy and glorious colour.  They can disperse negative energy, enhance psychic ability and increase self-confidence. Below is a brief description of the most popular Tourmalines used for healing purposes, plus they are the most readily available.  We have also included a special entry for Paraiba, which in our opinion (and in fact that of many Tourmaline collectors worldwide), is the Holy Grail and most magical of all Tourmaline crystals!

Black Tourmaline (common name: Schrol)  The black variety is said to provide protection from negativity in all forms; from people, spirit entities, electromagnetic smog and geopathic (environmental) stress. It absorbs and deflects this energy, so regular cleansing is essential.  It is not advised that this be done via water or salt, but sitting a piece in a bowl or organic, brown rice for 24 hours (or until you feel it has been fully cleansed) should suffice.  Always safely discard of the rice afterwards, NEVER cook and eat it or feed to your pets!  Black Tourmaline is also said to sharpen ones mind; to speed up our reactions and mental processing.  It resonates with the Base (or Root) chakra and is an excellent grounding crystal and can enhance vitality and promote emotional balance.  It is readily available at a modest price.

Green Tourmaline  Green Tourmaline is an excellent healing crystal, and if worn for prolonged periods, is considered one of the best all-round, general healing ‘tonic’ crystals. Its lovely deep colour resonates directly with the Heart Chakra, helping restore a sense of hope and joie de vivre where despondency, grief or depression has been present. Wearing or using a piece lets us see that we have options in life and can help us see which is the best route for our spiritual progress. It is said to be able to rekindle creativity where it has been blocked (as with writer's block) and is, therefore excellent for creative and artistic types.

Pink Tourmaline Pink Tourmaline (common name: Rubillite) has a deep, comforting, peaceful energy. It can help to transform negative behavioural patterns into positive ones, especially those brought about by lack of love and nurturing as a child. It is an excellent choice, therefore, for any inner-child work also. 

Watermelon tourmaline This is a combination Tourmaline crystal, having a pink or red centre surrounded by a ring of green tourmaline. In the colour spectrum, red and green are opposites; therefore, this lovely combination can teach us that differing aspects of our nature (or those of others) can exist in harmony. Its energy can help us to balance these aspects; centring vibrations to create a harmonious whole.  On the other hand, pink (or red) and green are the harmonious duality’s of the Heart chakra.  So here we have the combination of Pink and Green Tourmaline, which makes for a beautiful, supportive, loving, healing, peaceful and spiritual blend; benefiting from the qualities and energies of both Pink and Green Tourmaline in one stone. Good specimens, whether in jewellery or rough, are more expensive than the black.

Blue Tourmaline (common name: Indicolite)  This colour Tourmaline is a very spiritual stone, increasing ones awareness of and receptiveness to the higher, subtle vibrations.  For this reason it is an obvious choice for psychic attunement or development.  It works well with both the Third Eye (or Brow) chakra and the Throat chakra; facilitating communication in the latter; helping one to express oneself more precisely and positively.  It is also one of the more expensive stones in this family.  Genuine specimens are getting rather pricey.

Paraiba Tourmaline  This is an exciting new find among Tourmalines, and indeed in the world of crystals and gemstones in general. They were first discovered in 1989 by a man called Heitor Dimas Barbosa.  He was digging in a Brazilian state called Pariba, where he was convinced he would find some new and different crystal, and he wasn’t wrong!  Five years after he first started mining, the first Paraiba Tourmaline crystals were found.  After identifying the particular geological conditions which yielded this exquisite and glowing stone (namely copper rich seams), similar discoveries were made in parts of Africa, in Mozambique and Nigeria.  These finds first came on to the open market in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

Turquoise  This most beautiful of crystals has been prized across the globe for thousands of years.  It is considered one of the Master Healing Stones and legend has it that it will change colour to warn the wearer of impending danger!  It purifies, strengthens and enhances all four energy bodies and when coupled with Pearl it can be a great emotional balancer whilst also helping create focus to aid personal goals.  The various varieties of Turquoise around the world each differ slightly in colour and some have slightly differing metaphysical properties. These include: Tibetan Turquoise (contains the OM vibration, pale greenish/blue in colour. Often Chinese Turquoise is passed off as Tibetan, so always try to buy from a trusted source), African Turquoise (quite green), Chinese Turquoise (also quite green/blue), American Turquoise (turquoise) Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (one of the best – pure deep turquoise in colour).

Unakite Unakite is an altered Granite consisting primarily of pink Orthoclase Feldspar, Clear Quartz and green Epidote. Unakite balances the emotional and spiritual bodies, and provides gentle release of energetic blockages. It helps us to move on from outmoded beliefs from the past. Unakite can also be used for help with past-life regression therapy, and facilitates the understanding of previous events and their roles in the current incarnation. A stone of vision, Unakite can open and activate the Third Eye Chakra to receive spiritual insights from higher realms. Unakite's grounding effect can bring a calming influence to any environment, and is great for the workplace or the home, sending out peaceful vibes to all those nearby. Physically, Unakite is said to be good for the reproductive system, for healthy pregnancies, and for the healthy development of unborn babies. Unakite can also protect against electromagnetic pollution from computers or cell phones. Unakite is also used during recovery from trauma or major illnesses, helping the cells to "remember" the state of perfect health.

Uvarovite - see Garnet for general description or Uvarovite subsection for physical and metaphysical details.

Vesuvianite Cooperation, Stabilizing, Calming Vesuvianite, also known as Idocrase, represents cooperative effort and as such, it is a wonderful stone to present to newlyweds, business associates, friends and acquaintances.Vesuvianite can be useful when needing to clear negative and/or repetitive thought patterns from the mental and emotional bodies. Once these thought patterns have been cleared, the mental/emotional bodies will stabilize. Use Vesuvianite to remove/release pent up anger and fears. Calming Vesuvianite acts quickly, yet gently to help find balance when the emotions are in turmoil. Vesuvianite helps to connect the Heart Chakra with the spiritual realms, accessing the higher self and its connection to Source, which is love. Physically, Vesuvianite strengthens teeth and bones; aides in nutrient absorption; alleviates skin ailments; may increase one’s sense of smell.

Vivianite Acceptance, Intuition, Distance Healing Vivianite is a rare crystal that forms transparent to translucent, flattened plates that are often colourless but, when exposed to light, will change colour to a deep blue, and sometimes deep purple to almost black. It is always a good idea to keep Vivianite in a dark cloth or in a dark space when not in use, to protect its colour. It is also a very soft crystal, so it must be handled with care. Vivianite encourages one who may be overly self-conscious to feel more comfortable in his/her own “skin”. It can help you navigate difficult and seemingly impossible problems and deal with them in a more realistic way, thus enabling you to reach your goals. It helps you to live in the moment. Vivianite increases intuition and is a good crystal to have near you for dream work or distance healing. Use Vivianite with Fossils, Agates or Jaspers to enhance their effectiveness. Those who care for the disabled or elderly will find more peace and patience with their charges. Physically, Vivianite eases problems of the eyes such as cataracts, conjunctivitis or degeneration of the iris; it helps the body to assimilate iron; strengthens bones; eases senility, and helps mobility.

Wulfenite Creativity, Manifestation, Determination, Sexuality Wulfenite is a crystal seen in reds to oranges to orange-yellow most often. As such, it is associated with the lower chakras, particularly the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It is said to harmonize emotions and help get in touch with them Is a rare secondary mineral and very beautiful gem. It is rare because crystals are usually small, tabular and thin. Beautifully coloured gems have been faceted from intense orange and reddish orange crystals found at the Red Cloud Mine (and others) in Arizona.

Willemite Inter-dimensional travel, adventures in the astral body, connection with higher astral beings Willemite Inter-dimensional travel, adventures in the astral body, connection with higher astral being Willemite is a zinc silicate mineral (Zn2SiO4) and a minor ore of zinc. It is highly fluorescent (green) under shortwave ultraviolet light. It occurs in all different colours in daylight, in fibrous masses, solid brown masses ("troostite"), and apple green gemmy masses. It was discovered in 1830 and named after William I of the Netherlands.

White Phantom Quartz Access to Akashic records, morphogenic fields and past-life memories, connection with spirit guides, energy cleansing White Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz, or "rock crystal”, that forms over pre-existing crystals. The included crystal is visible due to some variation in composition making the boundary of the included crystal visible. Such crystals display the outlines of numerous smaller crystals, known as phantoms. Phantom quartz has been found in Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, and the United States. Like regular quartz, the chemical composition of phantom quartz is silicon dioxide (SiO2). The available forms of phantom quartz are crystal groups and single crystals used as jewellery pendants.

Yellow Calcite Crystal meanings, metaphysical and healing properties Intellect Yellow calcite that stimulates the intellect. It can help one organize intellectual thoughts and information. Yellow calcite also boosts one's general energy level. From this, it increases one's personal power, hope, and sense of self-worth. Yellow calcite is also very helpful for psychic abilities and meditation. It assists with channelling, intuitive awareness, shamanic work, and other psychic activities. In the physical realm, yellow calcite is said to benefit the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Zebra Marble Nurturing, Protecting, Grounding Zebra Marble is generally a nurturing and protective stone. It can be very grounding, enabling one to learn patience and practicality when it is most needed. Marble can also aid those who have trouble finding clarity and focus, which also helps one to achieve and hold deeper states of meditation. It can also enhance one's dream recall, by sleeping with the stone under the pillow. Zebra Marble carries these qualities of regular marble but to a greater extent. It can help one to learn the inner truth to one's desires, helping to focus on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted. Its energies allow for greater control over thoughts, helping to keep a higher vibration available more often. By being mindful of one's thoughts, there is a better chance of manifestation of true desires.

Zincite Transformation, Manifestation, Abundance Zincite is an excellent stone for transformation. Because Zincite was an “accidental” stone resulting from a fire in a zinc mine in Poland, it has become a stone of happy surprises, innovation, and vitality. Zincite attracts abundance at a physical and spiritual level, assists with the rise of Kundalini energy, and enhances gut instincts and intuition. Zincite heals shock and trauma and instils the courage to deal with traumatic situations. It ameliorates depression and releases painful memories so that these can be laid to rest. Zincite cleanses the lower chakras, enabling the higher ones to become more energized. Those who are not able to perceive the energy of most crystals will be able to experience Zincite’s joyful energy and use it to their advantage. Zincite is a stone of creativity that will enable its user to bring other like-minded folks together to work towards a common goal. A great stone for artists, writers, entrepreneurs, as well as gardeners and even those who just want to experiment with new ideas and new ways of doing things. Physically, Zincite is a healing stone that aids the immune system, fights infections, increases vitality and assists with both male/female reproductive disorders.

Zircon Protection, Enthusiasm, Vitality Often confused with cubic zirconia, Zircon is a gemstone in its own right, and has been revered as a protective stone for centuries. Its colour varies from colourless, deep red, reddish brown, brown, gray, blue, golden yellow and orange. Many Zircons may be heat-treated to increase colour density. Zircon enables its wearer to experience life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and joy and share that joy with others. It can bring solace and peace after traumatic experiences and increase vitality after physical exertion. Zircon can help one to move on after a broken relationship, increasing your charisma when finding new love. Use Zircon to protect yourself from thievery and liars. Place one in your home to find lost items, pets or even people. At work, Zircon can aid in increasing your odds at landing that job or applying for that loan. Physically, Zircon helps with muscle and bone disorders; relieves insomnia, allergies and vertigo; heals infections and viruses, and balances the pineal gland.

Zoisite Creativity, Communication, Joy Zoisite is one of those stones that beg you to “get up and go”. Zoisite can help you get back your creative spark and focus on what you really enjoy doing. It keeps you from being lazy and idle. Zoisite transmutes negative energy into the positive and further enhances trust, not only in yourself, but the universe in general. It helps you understand and communicate your own truths, without the influence of others. Associated with the Earth element, Zoisite helps you get out and enjoy nature, bringing with it a sense of joy and wonder. At work, this lovely stone can keep you on track, especially when being interrupted. It’s a good stone to keep by the phone to deter unwanted callers. Physically, Zoisite detoxifies the body and alleviates inflammation. It promotes strength in the immune system, heart, lungs, spleen and pancreas. Zoisite can help heal problems associated with the reproductive organs and increase fertility (especially when combined with Ruby).