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Kaolinite  Whilst not a crystal, Kaolinite is a mineral inclusion, sometimes found in crystals including Quartz, where it often presents as a white phantom inclusion.  Also known as China or Porcelain Clay, Kaolinite is a white to cream, layered silicate clay mineral from the Serpentine Group. When found in Quartz it can help stabilise spiritual energy, and, therefore, can be of benefit where an individual has made rapid spiritual growth, but feels the need to slow down somewhat in order that they may take stock of their progress and direction. Physically, Kaolinite included Quartz has been used to treat digestive disorders, especially those relating to the stomach.

Kunzite is the pink variety of Spodumene (the green and much rarer type is called Hiddenite). The most popular type with healers is the pink (getting its colour from its Lithium rich content) - ranging from a real blue/rose pink through to a beautiful violet pink. It is an extremely peaceful and spiritual stone which awakens the heart centre promoting unconditional love.  It is an excellent aid for those who find meditation difficult and is a very protective crystal.  It is said to be able to dispel negativity and just having it in your auric field is enough to cleanse your aura. Kunzite is also excellent for premature babies who are having difficulty adjusting to early life outside of the security of their mummy’s tummy. Best placed under the baby’s mattress, well out of reach, or placed on a table adjacent to the baby’s cot.  As with all babies and small children, care must be taken with crystals to avoid choking. Never leave a young child unattended with a crystal.  Some of the best examples of Kunzite come from Madagascar and Afghanistan.

Kyanite is Aluminum Silicate, from the Silicate group of minerals. It comes in white, grey-black and the more commonly found and most popular type, blue. It is a very useful throat charka stone, helping open communication on both the physical and spiritual levels. Amongst other things physically, it can help with thyroid imbalances (hypo & hyper) The black type often grows in fan-shaped ‘sprays’ and is an excellent grounding stone (useful after meditation) although it can be very brittle. Kyanite is unusual in that it never needs cleansing and just having it in your auric field realigns your chakras making it a must-have in any crystal collection!  In can be found in Brazil, India, Russia and the US.