About Jarvis Interiors and Alex Jarvis

Words that come to mind when I think of interior design are: Creativity, fun, practicality, inventive, dynamic, flowing, and colour transformation. This is really who I am, defined in these words. I believe that design can be used to improve people's lives, health, and well-being, using colour, sound, and light therapy to enhance their environments.

I get great pleasure in helping and influencing others, sometimes with an element of surprise, opening them up to new and exciting possibilities. I like using my skills and natural empathy to help people understand or decide what I can do that will best meet their needs. These are skills directly related to Interior design.

I enjoy all aspects of interior design and I am willing to take risks and develop an inventive problem-solving approach to my work. What excites me is: anything that has an interior can be re-designed or re-furbished. I have a creative flair and the practical skills to produce stunning interior design solutions, unlocking the property’s potential

My passion is that through my design I will be able to transform any room and create interiors that not only that look fantastic, but if needed, are practical, functional and built to withstand the ever changing fashions and trends catering to all tastes. I am from London and so my sensibility is an international one.


For The Client

The success of Jarvis Interiors rests in our considered approach to every project. Taking the utmost respect for a client’s brief and unique character, we are able to ensure that the finished product not only sits well within its environment, but also meets the needs and expectations of the client. A winning combination which has translated perfectly to all clients' projects.

We believe the role of an interior is to do more than simply excite the eyes or entertain the mind, but shape the lifestyle of the people who come into contact with it.