Lighting therapy

Light therapy refers to subjecting to daylight or light that consists of specific wavelengths. Using polarised light it can be administered for a set amount of time, or a set time during the day. It can be used to treat skin disorders, mood related disorders and sleep related issues. Some people get depression in the winter months because of the lack of the natural sunlight such as people from northern European nations.

Essentially one's mood can be enhanced with light. A does of bright lights can overcome this in some cases. Many historic cultures revered the sun as a health bringing deity from the Incans to the Assyrians. Light around the home can also enhance mood, if your house is dark you can get a bit depressed, variety of lights is stressed as a main way for enhancement to occur, also try using if you can natural light wherever possible. With dimmer switches you can control how intense the light is so you are not overwhelmed. Your kitchen needs to be in layers so that your work space that you hover on is not darkened and you are able get on with the task. Creating a range of lights is best as we are drawn to lights and enjoy variety. By using mood enhancing lights to bring the sun inside when winter has arrived, while getting varied light source can be beneficial too much light can be mild side effects, just don’t overdo it.

sunlight through trees