Scandinavian Design

Danish design is known all over the world for its clean lines and focus on materials. In the homes of Danes today, you will find Danish design classics pared with modern day Danish designs and the odd flea market find.  It all boils down to it being  hyggeligt, that is cosy and liveable.

The focus is on great craftsmanship and materials, but they have also incorporate lots of colours and a somewhat humorous approach to their design. 

Danish design is known all over the world for its simple clean lines, muted colours and focus on materials. Functional, elegant, timeless simplicity Danish Design is all those things and more. Crisp interiors filled with simple wooden furniture, a neutral paint palette and the odd splash of colour. When it comes to understated cool, the Danes have it covered. 

The Danish design has cut back simplicity in the modern environment with a few vintage pieces for personality. Due to its classic lines, unique sense of balance and its functionality, it is a style that can successfully be integrated into contemporary and traditional interiors.

The development of modern Danish furniture owes much to the collaboration between architects and cabinetmakers. 

Danish designers and architects believed that design could be used to improve people's lives. Particular attention was given to creating affordable furniture and household objects that were both functional and elegant

If you visit Copenhagen, you will see Danish design is all about. It is everywhere – from cafés and restaurants to museums and shops. Expect traditional materials put into untraditional use such as a washing-up bowl in rubber, a vase made out of Silicon and a dog made out of plastic. 

Danish Interior Style is distinctive. It effectively mixes tender pastel tones and resources such as raw wood, organic glass, recycled paper and soft beautiful textiles to create a soothing look to the eye pleasing numerous senses simultaneously. 

The golden rule of Danish design is “less is more”. Everything is carefully selected and achieving as little clutter as possible. 

Danish style remains to this day a timeless and sought after aesthetics. Danish furniture is abstract, bold, colourful, 60s inspired and futuristic.  Danish furniture is stylishly iconic and to this day, has been used in countless photo shoots and film productions because it is futuristically shaped. The popularity of Mad Men contributes to interest in Danish interior design aesthetics and it’s all about comfort, artistic flair and complimenting surroundings.