Environmental cleansing

Space clearing means clearing the space on an energy level. It is an ancient art practiced daily in many old cultures - from India and Bali to Peru and Morocco - and there are numerous ways and materials used for space clearing. The reason behind the need for space clearing is simple: just as on a physical level you see the dust and dirt accumulating in your home as a result of daily activities, the same happens on an energy levels.

Space clearing should be done once a year, usually preformed in the new year, but can be done after negative events such as divorce, or even when you move to a new house. Ways to bring in the new year is to get rid of old energies from the last year and have new energy come in, opening your doors allows energy to flow through. Also getting rid of some items in your house that you no longer need to make room for the year ahead. Space clearing comes from ancient cultures and is practiced in many parts of the world. You should include sound instruments the use of sound helps move on old energies. Use of incense is a good way for the smoke to carry through the air. Use of ritualised waters water that you have used prayers on. The use of candles to bring in new light to the space. The combined use of the holy water with flowers. After you have gotten these things together, you should create an alter in different rooms, calling on your higher power, close your eyes, be clear of your intentions and wishes for the year, using the sound instrument to activate your alters. Using harmony ball can bring forth stuck energies. Once done got to the front door and thank your higher power.

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