Five benefits of living walls

Living walls or green walls are the perfect addition to your internal or external space for both aesthetic, financial and health reasons. These vertical gardens are ideal if you have limited space, which doesn't allow much room for the more traditional horizontal alternative. The only pre-requisite for a living wall, either inside or out, is the space must be well lit for the plants to thrive. There are many different types of green walls you can install, from an internal herb garden to an external climbing vine trellis, depending on your tastes, environment and the level of maintenance required. So you can see how a living wall can enhance your space, we've highlighted five benefits below:

Outside to inside - bring nature into your home

Spending time in nature has been proven to be good for your mental health, so why not incorporate nature in your home interior to enhance your decor and help you to relax and de-stress? Natural elements in your home can be added in a multitude of ways, from plants and artwork through to furniture, cushions and wallpaper. To make it easier for you to bring the outside inside, we've provided some handy tips below.

Pastel Interiors

Pastel tones have recently become popular within interior design, as the soft, muted tones not only enhance living spaces, but also soothe the senses to create an environment that feels calm and serene. Some of the pastel colours at the forefront this season are pink, mauve, baby blue, magic mint, periwinkle and lavender.

Bold Vivid Interiors

The trend toward bold interiors in 2019 has allowed more personal expression and individuality in designing the interior of a home or workspace. While these bold trends are all very different, you can still create striking and harmonious interior spaces by merging these together. Whether you like to add splashes of colour to a white palette or juxtapose a variety of patterns and textures, let your personality shine this season, as expressed in the words of Robert Frost, "freedom lies in being bold." Find out more about 2019's trends toward bold interiors below and how to use these to make a statement.

How to choose your art collectables, bespoke pieces for your interior living space

Designers are often asked for tips on how to choose the right artwork. As artwork is used to capture the personality of the homeowner, as well as add character to an interior, it's important to choose the right pieces. Artwork is also a great investment if you want to spend the time researching which artists and pieces are more highly sought after. But the best thing about artwork is you can achieve an eclectic and stylish interior without having to overspend.

How to mix 'old' with 'new' successfully in interior design

While interior design can seem quite complex to the uninitiated, there are some design secrets you can follow to help you achieve a personalised and eclectic look for your space, such as mixing 'old' with 'new'. By merging vintage with modern, through blending inherited items with modern pieces, you can create a unique interior that appears to have evolved over time and evokes a sense of nostalgia.

The key to marrying 'old' with 'new' successfully is finding a perfect balance, so a room is elegant, rather than just seeming to be cluttered with a random selection of junk. By following our guide below you can successfully execute this interior design concept for yourself.