How to choose your art collectables, bespoke pieces for your interior living space

Designers are often asked for tips on how to choose the right artwork. As artwork is used to capture the personality of the homeowner, as well as add character to an interior, it's important to choose the right pieces. Artwork is also a great investment if you want to spend the time researching which artists and pieces are more highly sought after. But the best thing about artwork is you can achieve an eclectic and stylish interior without having to overspend.

How to mix 'old' with 'new' successfully in interior design

While interior design can seem quite complex to the uninitiated, there are some design secrets you can follow to help you achieve a personalised and eclectic look for your space, such as mixing 'old' with 'new'. By merging vintage with modern, through blending inherited items with modern pieces, you can create a unique interior that appears to have evolved over time and evokes a sense of nostalgia.

The key to marrying 'old' with 'new' successfully is finding a perfect balance, so a room is elegant, rather than just seeming to be cluttered with a random selection of junk. By following our guide below you can successfully execute this interior design concept for yourself.

The Five Senses Approach to Interior Design

While the most common approach to interior design in the past has been purely visual, research has uncovered that sensory design can be more effective in evoking feelings of calm and relaxation in an environment. When referring to sensory design this encompasses all of the fives senses including sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. 

The sensory design approach has already been embraced in high-end spas and resorts and is also becoming popular in airports, retail stores and hospitals. If you're interested in incorporating the five senses approach to interior design here are some techniques you can implement:

Tips for fooling the eye and making a room look bigger

If you're living in a city or other urban environment, your home, unit or apartment may be limited on space. But having less space to work with shouldn't affect your design creativity if you look for ways to visually increase your available space. By following these clever tips you can enhance your interior, as well as fool the eye and make your rooms appear larger.

A world of colours for interiors 2019

It's amazing how changing the colour palette of a room can bring a totally different feel and energy to the space we live in. If you're wanting to enhance your space through colour, we've provided some design inspiration with the most popular colours for interiors in 2019.