Alex Biography

Alex enjoys her freedom traveling the world for her passion. Encouraging the use of inner guidance to ‘create our own dream’. Working for many years in her JOY, Passionate about design, she grew up in London, works as a Creative Director Fashion Stylist in Sydney with Fine Arts and Fashion Photographer John McRae.

My love for fashion started when I was very younger, Everyone's style is unique, so even if you love a trend, make sure you always re-interpret it for your own style. My personal style is quite simple, but I also like to take risks. 

“I never felt like I really belonged anywhere, so fashion became how I expressed myself,”

Alex believes you dress for no one else but yourself. As soon as you stop caring about what others think, then you can truly become who you're meant to be. You're not being dictated to, and you're not changing yourself for the expectations of others. Finding your own style comes with time. So you should just be true to yourself. Try to have fun with it.

“Less is more. Being a creative, I experimented a lot in my personal style and made a lot of fashion mistakes. Today I value effortless style; something unforced.”