Crystal bowls sound baths

Everything moves and vibrates, down to the atoms that make up our bodies and everything in the universe. Sound waves have the capability to cause change in our autonomic nervous system, immune system, organs, and cells to produce healing effects and entering higher states of consciousness.

Illness is similar to a musical instrument being out-of-tune. Because our body is organic and dynamic, it is highly flexible and adaptable and so has the power to tune itself by being inspired by harmonic vibrations. Sound baths can assist in aligned the bodies vibrations, healing it dramatically and through its own process ignites the ability to regenerate.

Sound baths, using special crystal bowls, allows to tune the harmony, frequency and balance of one’s body, as the crystal tones realign your being to the higher dimensions. In this time of global activation, the bowls help you find resonance and trigger your DNA Transformation.

In terms of a healing space, an interior that is susceptible to healing is one that is designed to optimise sound bathing.


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