A world of colours for interiors 2019

It's amazing how changing the colour palette of a room can bring a totally different feel and energy to the space we live in. If you're wanting to enhance your space through colour, we've provided some design inspiration with the most popular colours for interiors in 2019.

Earthy, woody tones

In contrast to the focus on oversized botanicals in 2018, 2019 ushers in a shift to earthy, woody tones, think mushroom greys and deeper fern greens. This year is all about more natural colour palettes which bring a relaxed, peaceful feel to your space, balancing mind and body.

Rich coral accents

While natural colour palettes are at the forefront of the interior design scene in 2019, coral accents have become a popular addition to enhance the neutral tones and make a statement. Coral is a great colour to use for a girl's room or to enhance more neutral hues in a living area.

Deeper greens

Deeper green shades blend seamlessly with the mushroom and wood tones in this year's colour palette. Whether you incorporate deep green shades for feature walls, furniture or accessories, it's gender neutrality makes it a great choice for many different home environments. Green tones are also attributed to the healing properties of nature, helping to balance the mind and body.

Darker moody hues

In contrast with the natural colours that are the foundation of the colour palettes in 2019, darker moody hues are ideal for kitchen cabinetry, custom built-ins and artwork. These range from navy and charcoal to turquoise. While these tones should be used in moderation to avoid a space becoming too dark and shadowy, moody hues create a sultry and sophisticated atmosphere in nearly any room.

Monochromatic pale pinks

Monochromatic pale pink tones can be mixed with whites and lemon yellows to lift 2019's earthy colour palette. As pale pinks are so subtle, these are compatible with many other neutral shades. Pale pinks for feature walls offer warmth to rooms with an abundance of cooler tones.

Digital inspiration

With digital technologies playing a major role in the home in 2019, this has merged with the neutral colour palettes to create more intense shades that mimic artificial light.

Pastel blues

While darker moody blues have become popular for cabinetry, artwork and built-ins, pastel blues are being used to provide softer undertones with these deeper hues. The softer pastel blues are believed to be calming and create a feeling of serenity and complement this year's grey and purple tones.

Inviting yellows and oranges

Bold yellow and orange tones merge perfectly with the pastel blues, pinks and beiges for interiors in 2019. These colours are often associated with optimism for an elevated sense of well-being.

Minimalistic off-whites, creams and beiges

For those who prefer a more minimalistic approach to their interior colour palette in 2019, off-whites, creams and beiges are still at the forefront for walls and ceilings. Adding brightness and a sense of space, these tones can be manipulated with lighting.

Rusty terracottas

Rusty shades of terracotta add depth and rich accents to the earthy mushroom greys which are prevalent in 2019. The terracotta tones can be incorporated using wood or leather furniture, rugs or other accessories.

While these earthy tones, with accents of darker hues and soft pastels, are the most popular shades of colour for interiors in 2019, if you are uncertain how to apply this colour palette in your home or business, Jarvis Interiors can assist you. The experts in creative interior design to improve people's lives, health and well-being through sound, colour and light therapy, we can create a design concept to enhance your environment.