Lemurian crystals

Lemurian quartz crystal is a touchstone and power crystal that can help you unlock the hidden knowledge of the long past Lemurian people. They are the last remaining artefacts of Lemurian peoples. Using these stones is a magical gateway that can shift your consciousness back in time to open up mysteries previously unknown to you. As more of them have being discovered it is been found the need for more people to be using them.

They are also known as Lemurian Seed crystals which are typically found in Brazil, while other lands only have fragments such as those in Tibet, Russia, Zambia. They come in a range of forms some that are clear, smokey, green, pink, blue, citrine or apricot. The identifying markers are deep ridges and iron oxide. The crystals are instrumental in spiritual healing and growth.

The Lemurian people are long gone but they had worked with crystals which now you can hold and own. They were a people that respected and loved the environment, and were connected to the spiritual realm, the people were believed to been lost in a calamity. The stones were inscribed with messages to pass down the knowledge that the Lemurian people had once known, and were left as a guide. Using the crystals can be an experience of healing during intense meditation.