Fabrics with healing properties

A use of Colour play. We use colours that presents itself as a master of transformation, enhancing the quality of life and comfort, both at home and in the contract sector. With the use of colour we can combine the use of fabrics around the home for healing. Using interior design as a part of healing can improve your wellbeing, this can present a welcoming environment.

It is an aid in the healing process, many caregiving institutions have found fabrics with varying colour that promotes a healthy environment. Health is a core tenet in everybody’s lives and much of society is about management and prevention of various illnesses and It is important for the discipline, as such it is a booming market. A range of fabrics have been designed with such importance in mind such as the “Basic IV UN” and “Unimento” both including 28 colour palettes. Designs for healthcare show that they are including nature wherever they can, and this getting back to nature helps us connect and heal.

Clinics, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes and homes for the elderly are now taking care to provide a positive ambiance, focusing on the healing instead. And so textiles make an important contribution and so fabrics which were specially developed for this purpose using a colour pallet which incorporates the latest developments of research, are used extensively. Healing is provided by many factors in the environment and so the correct use of fabrics is also an important ingredient.