The meaning of colour

Colour can both effect our moods and change our state of mind, we recognise that colour is instrumental in meditation and practices that our mind can understand before we do. Different cultures and some different people can have different meanings they derive from each colour. We can use colour in different combinations for healing of mind, body and soul energies.

These brief explanations of the following colours should be able to help shed new light on colours you know but did not know the true representations until now. 

Red: The healing properties are brought on by the feelings of warmth, good for laid back passive people. Good for blood circulation, and increases sexual desire. It brings forth adrenalin, good for increasing the warmth of your temperature. It helps your root chakra. It increases energy, strength, independence, fertility. Preference for red; stimulation, adventure with a need for personal freedom. Aversion to red; if your hyperactive, Ill tempered, hidden fears of assertiveness.

Orange: The healing properties freeing, for the physical and mental, a cheerful disposition, good for creativity. It is linked with the sacral chakra. Helps with breathing and the airways. It is also linked with good luck and fortune, it spurs optimism, prosperity, success in your objectives. Preference for orange; bringing energy, celebration, a fulfilment. Aversion to orange; has suppressed sexual feelings, or having a hard time for enjoyment.

Yellow: The healing properties fortify your mind, awakening mental encouragement, and it helps with allowing the muscles to revitalise. Helps with the gut, and inner organs, also with skin healing. It is used to activate the solar plexus. Used to help bring a person out of depression. It is linked change, confidence. Preference for yellow; energetic peoples, feelings of communication. Aversion to yellow; emotionally disappointed, not accepting of feelings.

Green: The healing properties bring balance and remove discord encouraging a positive wellbeing. It stimulates the heart chakra. It is good for heart healing, and can be soothing. It can be used to strengthen the mind, and achieve inner peace. It is linked with nature, and of the Earth, healing, hope, a balance against negative feelings. Preference for green; for those calm, interest in the natural. Aversion to green; interest in independence rather than community harmony.

Blue: The healing properties brings a relief to inflammation, headaches, bringing a sense of calm. Used with healing of the communication, and so is linked with the throat chakra. It is linked with water, peace, justice, sincerity, and astral projection. Preference for blue; in touch with the dreaming, rest, sense for order. Aversion to blue; disciplined, strong.

Indigo: is a stabiliser, and linked with the brow chakra.

Violet: The healing properties are a soothing, and are good for meditation. It is linked with the astral realm. Preference for violet, those that adhere to spirituality, and higher powers, wanting to improve the world. Aversion to violet; having a serious disposition, reluctance to dream.

White: The healing properties brings in balance and harmony. It raises ones consciousness and the physical realm. It is linked with cleaning, aura-healing, meditation. Preference for white; purity, simplicity and truth. Aversion to white; only interested in the materialistic realm, not wanting to accept the flaws in oneself.