8 new trends in interior design

Wanting to enhance your home or apartment and ensure your space has good "chi" or energy flow? Then it's time to de-clutter and try one of these fresh and contemporary new looks for 2018.

The principles of feng shui state that "a clear space leads to a clear mind", which is why it's recommended to initially de-clutter your environment before showcasing one of the latest trends to create a healthy energy flow, leading to a more positive state of mind.


Below, you'll find eight of the best new interior design trends:

1. Geometric shapes

Whether you prefer to use geometric shapes in tiles, pendants, art, tables or any other element of your interior decor, this exciting new design trend is very popular at the moment and gives a modern edge to your space.

2. Botanical-inspired prints and framed plants

If houseplants aren't your thing because you effectively manage to kill all greenery you come in contact with, how about a botanical inspired print or framed plant? Another leading interior design trend for 2018, these will instantly transform your home or apartment and even better - they don't need water or fertiliser!

3. Fringed accessories and furniture

From fringed chandeliers through to throw pillows and sofas, fringed accessories and furniture are one of the latest design trends in vogue for 2018. Stylish and elegant, the fringe adds a touch of glamour to your space, inspired by the 1920s flapper era.

4. Patterned rugs

Add a touch of warmth and colour with patterned statement rugs, another top 2018 interior design trend. The benefit of using statement rugs is you can keep the rest of your interior design tones neutral and change your rugs and feature pieces when you want to freshen up your space, making it a cost-effective design element.

5. Cement tiles

Cement tiles are a popular design trend for 2018 that we believe will be in fashion for many years to come, because these tiles are not only stylish, they're also cheaper than stone. This type of tile is commonly known for its durability and versatility and is available in a broad range of colours and designs to suit any interior.

6. Touch of colour

In 2018 a major design trend is bold colour, with less emphasis on neutral tones. Red hues are currently at the forefront, but if you prefer more subtle colour accents in your space and still want depth other popular colours at present include green and dark blue.

7. Terrazzo

While most commonly used for tiles when initially introduced to enhance interior decors, terrazzo is making a comeback as a fashion trend in 2019. Terrazzo furniture and accessories have become sought after by the fashion-forward, from planters and side tables through to kitchen benches and rugs.

8. Gold enhancements

Bling is in for 2018, with gold accents being a popular feature. Gold rimmed mirrors, gold pendants and gold sculptures are some of the many ways these rich metallic hues are being used to reinvent lacklustre spaces.

If you're wanting to freshen up and de-clutter your home, apartment or office space and are uncertain which 2018 design trend will work for you, please contact Jarvis Interiors today. At Jarvis Interiors, our team is committed to incorporating the latest interior design trends to improve our client's lives, health and wellbeing. Using a wide range of design concepts and techniques such as colour, sound and light therapy, Jarvis Interiors can create the perfect interior that's not only aesthetically pleasing but is also good for the body and the mind.

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