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Mahogany Obsidian - see Obsidian

Malachite Malachite, with its trademark bands and swirls, takes it name from the Greek work malache meaning ‘mallow’ which refers to its leaf green colour.  It is thought to be the oldest known green pigment, having been used as a paint or dye for many centuries.  Its chemical formulation is Copper Carbonate Hydroxide, and it is its high copper content which gives it its gorgeous, vibrant green colour.  It is also this high copper content which gives it its outstanding healing properties – copper being one of the best channellers of healing energies.  It is known as a stone of transformation and whilst it can balance all Chakras, it is perhaps best suited to the Heart Chakra. Working with this stone can help counteract self-destructive romantic tendencies (i.e. always attracting the ‘wrong sort’) and can help encourage true, pure, unconditional love. It is a stone of good fortune, prosperity and abundance and is also very protective.  It can provide general protection from negative and destructive dark energies and has been known as a protector of children. It is also said to safeguard people when flying, and as such may be good for those who work in aviation. Malachite occurs throughout the world from the Congo, Namibia and the Ural mountains in Russia to Mexico, Australia, the south-western United States and even England.  When mined it is quite brittle and powdery, measuring only 3½ - 4 on Mohs’ Scale. It is often found in combination with Chrysocolla.

Merlinite  (Real name: Dendritic White Agate see also Agate and Chalcedony).  Merlinite is in fact moss agate with black dendritic formations within a matrix of translucent and white agate (chalcedony). Although the dendritic pattern resembles a fossilized plant, it is in fact inorganic manganese oxide.  It is known as the Heaven and Earth Stone, connecting these two spheres and, therefore, is also known for its ability to balance energy. Wearing or holding a piece during meditation is said to assist access to the Akashic Records; to be able to see and recognize our Karmic history, and consequently to be able to understand our here and now.  It has magical, shamanic connections and pieces which exhibit a good translucent section can be used as a seer’s stone.

Moldavite About 20 million years ago a meteorite shower hit Earth, landing along the banks of the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.  These meteorites hit with such enormous force that the rock they struck melted, merging with the meteorite, and the crystal we now know as Moldavite was the result.  Being found in only one location on the planet, it is a rare crystal with a beautiful translucent, bottle-green hue, and due to its origins, is a stone with extraterrestrial properties.  When placed on the third eye, Moldavite helps us to establish a connection with the Cosmos, and when placed on the heart it teaches us to appreciate our gift and true purpose of being here on Earth.  It is an extremely powerful crystal, and it can take time to become attuned to its dynamic energies.  It is recommended, therefore, that when starting to work with Moldavite you keep it in your auric field for a while before wearing it.  Because of its most unusual power it can also be useful work with it in conjunction with a grounding stone such as Black Tourmaline or Hematite.  With Moldavite you can truly say, 'the sky's the limit!'

Morganite (the Pink variety of Beryl) As Rose Quartz is thought of as the stone of personal/self love, Morganite is considered the stone of Divine love. It opens the heart on a higher level, connecting us to cosmic love. Morganite gives us the opportunity to surrender to the immense power of Divine love, and to let it show us our life path more clearly.  It is one of the major ascension stones of our age.

Moss Agate (see also Quartz properties and Agate) One of the most beautiful Earth healers, Moss Agate has areas of white Quartz (less often found also with Clear Quartz patches) together with swirls of beautiful deep green matter and sometimes little bits which look like tiny pieces of moss.  It is not moss but inorganic dendritic matter. It has also been called the Gardener’s Stone or Farmer’s Stone because of its links with prosperous harvests – used when planting or to surround new plants. Moss Agate can also help us gain peace with extreme or excessive duties in life and helps bring self-confidence and to build self-esteem. A great emotional balancer. Moss Agate is also a protective stone, as are all agates.