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Infinite Stone Infinite Stone is an unusual and high vibration form of Serpentine (a combination of Serpentine and Chrysolite) and is found in only one area in Africa. It is often referred to as the ‘Healer’s Stone’, due to its remarkable ability to draw out any pain and negativity manifested in our body.  Some have gone so far as to call them miracle stones and they have a lovely, soft quite angelic energy.  They are extremely useful for people who suffer from chronic pain but may also be of use for athletes who are be prone to injury.  They may, however, be used for any condition where pain is present, whether chronic or acute, physical or mental or emotional.

Iolite is a beautiful violet blue stone (the word iolite is Greek for ‘violet’), said to be a stone of vision, which, therefore, aligns best with the Third Eye or Brow Chakra.  It is from the Cordierite group of minerals, and is unusual in that is shows a strong pleochroism (an optical phenomenon caused by refracted light) which means it shows two colours. When viewed from one angle it can appear quite grey and lifeless, but when rotated in your hand through 90 degrees, it suddenly reveals the most beautiful violet colour!

Ipupiara Quartz – Goddess of Waters.  The word ‘Ipupiara’ comes from the language of the Ureu-eu-wau-wau (People of the Stars) tribe of the Amazon; a tribe once numbering 2,400, but now only 43 members survive. 

Isis Calcite has a strong link to the Divine or Sacred Feminine, helping integrate receptive, left brain, feminine energy; balancing it against any overactive male or Yang energy.  It also helps activate a repressed or sluggish Yin (female) side, making it equally useful for men and women. It helps all chakras work correctly; restoring harmonious resonance and has a special affinity with the Third Eye and Crown chakras.