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Fire Opal (for general properties see Opal).  Fire Opal is super where energy depletion is indicated, especially in chronic illness. It aligns with the lower two chakras, the Root and Sacral or Spleen Chakras.  It can help dispel despondency, encouraging the return of enthusiasm and the associated vital energy this state brings about. Its ability to increase physical energy extends to work projects also. It is said that by placing a piece in a shop or you office area you will attract more custom.  See also Boulder Opal

Flame Aura see Titanium Aura

Fuschite (also known as Green Muscovite) Fuschite is a favourite with healers due to its ability to channel information regarding the best remedy or treatment for a client. As Judy Hall puts in in The Crystal Bible, ‘it accesses knowledge with great practical value’. It can also amplify the energy of other crystals. It has a beautiful pale green colour with a delightful sparkle.