Who we are

The dreamer entails gathering information, motivation, and awareness. The planner entails considering alternatives, designing strategies, testing and prototyping. The doer entails implementation, monitoring progress, administration and management. The celebrator entails discerning wisdom, transforming results, and acquiring new skills. These four qualities are shown time and again in various systems, such as in nature, with the weather and the Native American medicine wheel. You must have a balance of the four for your desired outcome. While the balance is necessary there will be challenges for this to come about during the process of achieving your goal. We are in tune with the natural environment, we are in tune with many perspectives, with others’ worldviews and their temperaments. Experiencing other's cultures, seeing and reacting, being attuned to the thoughts of people. You should be able to view contexts both visible and invisible. Needing to know the truth of your dreams; being about meditation; seeing a problem; and being able to visualise the solution. We maximise creativity. “Blessed Unrest” belonging to a movement of ecology, civil rights, and participatory democracy. “Service to the Earth” making sure that human existence is not at conflict with nature. “Community Building” leaving our comfort zones to be in service to others.