What we do

Gaining a new understanding of your world is the first step to becoming aware. These moments can be as infectious as laughter, they must be shared and can inspire others to also have “Aha!” moments. Sharing in this way can lead to groups finding solutions to various problems. The western view point that time is a one way arrow is what our modern society believes in. The dreaming of the Aboriginal culture is very much like this as they believe it is shared and objective. Everything is connected energies and understandings; creativity is a process in which everything flows on from one to the other. Everything is temporary: our life is a collection of moments, in which we are just passing through, sharing time, emotions and feelings. Pinakarri is Aboriginal for deeper understanding: we need to rediscover ways of empathically listening to one another, and not listen to the little voice that evaluates things in terms of win-lose scenarios. In the process of understanding you can call for Pinakarri. Generative Questions are questions with emotional power, used to discover what is lost. These are usually open ended questions. Charismatic Communication, is to uncover and find what you really want to convey in your soul, based on trust in an open manner to share feelings and dreams.       

Something can be said of this process and the use of charismatic communication together with generative questions to push any project through.