Bold Vivid Interiors

The trend toward bold interiors in 2019 has allowed more personal expression and individuality in designing the interior of a home or workspace. While these bold trends are all very different, you can still create striking and harmonious interior spaces by merging these together. Whether you like to add splashes of colour to a white palette or juxtapose a variety of patterns and textures, let your personality shine this season, as expressed in the words of Robert Frost, "freedom lies in being bold." Find out more about 2019's trends toward bold interiors below and how to use these to make a statement.

Matte black

Matte black is one of this season's bold colours and adds opulence, style and elegance to your space. While matte black walls are very popular, you can also incorporate this colour tone in homewares, wall art and sculptures, as well as benchtops and furniture. For those who prefer to use this colour tone more sparingly, try using soft furnishings, such as throws, cushions, rugs and curtains.

Natural and sustainable

There has been a noticeable shift toward using natural and sustainable fibres and colour tones over the past few years and it's still gaining momentum in 2019 in interior design. Recycled furniture and fabrics are big this season, with bright and cheerful throws and rugs providing colourful accents. If you are interested in using bold colours for your interior, it's a smart option to pair these with natural tones to avoid rooms appearing too busy.

Bold colours and designs in backsplashes

While previous colour trends in backsplashes have featured a single colour or more subtle designs, these are now diversifying to become a feature in kitchens, with bold colours and unique designs gaining popularity. Printed backsplashes have also been introduced recently.

Colourful accents

One of the newest bold trends in interiors for 2019 is using colourful accents, known as "20 per cent colour." This trend has been applied more to artwork and begins with a white background which has vivid strokes of colour applied in a 20 per cent ratio to the white.

Striking wallpaper

Wallpaper still remains at the forefront of interior design this season, with a shift toward bright and extravagant colour tones. Large motifs are also a common feature of wallpaper design this season. If you decide to opt for striking wallpaper for your home or business interior, we recommend combining this with furniture that has clean lines, so your space doesn't look cluttered.

Dramatic feature pieces

One of the many benefits of going bold this season is being able to incorporate dramatic feature pieces that instantly capture attention. From striking wall art, chandeliers and other light features through to sculptures and brightly upholstered furniture, bold is beautiful in 2019.

Retro is in

With 2019's transition to bold, vivid interiors, retro is making a strong comeback. Retro furniture is ideal for creating an interior that's uniquely you. It also looks striking against a stark matte black or white background.

Bring on the bling!

If you'd like your bold interior to appear more luxe, bring on the bling! Richly hued golden tones are in this season's colour palette, ranging from feature walls and artwork to cushions, throws and other soft furnishings.

These are some of the many ways you can revamp your personal space using 2019's bold interior trends. If you're finding it hard to integrate these trends and showcase your personal style, contact Jarvis Interiors. Our team of experienced interior designers uses the latest creative elements, such as colour, sound and light therapy to improve our clients' lives and enhance their environments.

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