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Danburite is often referred to as The Stone of the Angels because of its ability to access the angelic realms.  It has a very high vibration and can act as a Karmic cleanser - what better stone to work with as we move towards ascension!  Danburite is a wonderful crystal; its pure, gentle yet high vibration carries the cosmic light of Ain Soph - the light of all Universal intelligence - and it also connects with Master Seraphis Bay. Clear specimens resonate with the Crown chakra, whilst the rarer Pink type resonates with both the Crown and Higher Heart chakras. 

Diamantina Quartz  (see also Quartz properties and Clear Quartz) Mined from the Diamantina region of Brazil – known for its highly charged crystals. Often very powerful specimens come from this area, in particular its Laser Wands.

Dichroic Glass ‘Dichroic’ means having more than one colour and pieces of jewellery made of Dichroic glass offer a true kaleidoscope of colours.  It was first commercially produced as a spin-off from the space industry and is made by heating glass interspersed with layers of  titanium, magnesium or silicon, at varying high temperatures.  The result is quite spectacular and pieces possess a 'peacock feather' type brilliance.  Although man-made due to their mineral content, pieces of Dichroic Glass have their own particular healing properties.  (Raspberry Quartz is naturally occurring titanium coated Quartz, and Quartz itself is Silicon Dioxide).

Dioptase  There are two main forms of Dioptase; crystalline, with beautiful deep green-blue small crystals and non-crystalline (or 'massive') - exhibiting the same stunning colour but in with no obvious crystal formation.

Dumortierite It can aid us in gaining control over our lives by helping us really see things for what they are – freeing us from constraining illusions which can hold us back from growing, usually through fear of change. Using or wearing Dumortierite may be useful in treating addictions and compulsive or impulsive behavioural patterns and  can be successful in helping open a closed Brow or Third Eye Chakra where headaches are an indication.