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Rainbow Moonstone is the mineral Oligoclase from the Feldspar group. Moonstone and Sunstone are its commercial, or gemstone names (Sunstone being Oligoclase with hematite inclusions, which give it its orangey/red colour).  Rainbow Moonstone, so-called because in daylight it shimmers with an ethereal glow reminiscent of moonlight, has a very gentle, feminine energy. It is also known as the Wish Stone.  It has been used to strengthen intuition and to heighten the psychic experience.  Its rainbow energy, resonating with the whole spectrum, is a great cleanser on all energetic levels.  It is one of the best protective crystals, instantly dispersing negative energies on contact.  It can have blue, green and rarely, pink flashes.

Blue Moonstone Technically speaking this is Rainbow Moonstone but cut from a large blue-flash section. Gorgeous blue iridescent colour, it has all the properties of Rainbow Moonstone but with the added benefits of helping us see and speak the truth.

Green Moonstone  Technically speaking this is Rainbow Moonstone but with a permanent green-flash. Therefore, it has all the same properties as Rainbow Moonstone but is also perfect for all matters connected with the heart. A wonderful crystal for lovers of nature and the ‘green’ environment.

Pink Moonstone Again, this is technically Rainbow Moonstone and has all the same properties, but with its permanent baby  pink, iridescent colour, it the perfect stone for all matters connected with the Heart.  It can help restore the carefree innocence and joyfulness we felt as young children and therefore great for inner child work.  Pink Moonstone is still very hard to come by.

Rainbow Obsidian - see Obsidian

Raspberry Garnet - see Garnet for general description or Raspberry Garnet (subsection of Grossular Garnet) for metaphysical properties

Red Jasper (see also Jasper) Red Jasper is one of the best known Root Chakra crystals and its keyword is balance.  Excellent where extreme imbalances of the Root Chakra are indicated: excessive fear, undisciplined or underweight (under active chakra) and greedy, materialistic, sluggish nature or obesity (over active chakra).  It is this ability to balance that has also led Red Jasper to be known as the Stone of Justice – bringing equilibrium to unfair or unjust situations. If you are ever involved in legal proceedings, or find yourself in an unfair situation personally or professionally, using or wearing a piece may help secure a fair outcome. Always remember, however, that ‘fair’ means being honest with yourself and not wishing for an outcome motivated by greed, fear or revenge.

Rose Quartz The stone of self- and unconditional love.  Most of us know about the properties of Rose Quartz.  It is often one of the first crystals we work with or come into contact with. Commercially it is almost always marketed as a Love Stone, which indeed it is, and has been regarded so for thousands of years with its beautiful, sweet energy, but the following explanation is (we hope you will find) a slightly different and deeper interpretation of this much loved, but often overlooked pink stone. 

Much is talked about and written about unconditional love.  It is as though it has become the buzz-word or catchphrase for those of us on the spiritual path, but how many of us really, truly not just practise it, but achieve it? Do you ever find yourself having expectations from people? Even small ones?  For example, ‘I know I shouldn’t expect anything back from him/her, but I sent them a birthday card /bought them a present and didn’t get one back’. Or, ‘I always call them but they never call me . . .’ and so on.  To feel let down, to be disappointed, to expect a certain response or reaction is not loving unconditionally or loving the  self.  But let’s not be too hard on ourselves.  One of the biggest misconceptions with spirituality is that we should always turn the other cheek and emanate love. But being spiritual doesn’t mean being a door mat, far from it.  We still have boundaries, but ones put in place knowingly and not through fear or expectation. These are the boundaries of truth and compassion.  It’s about learning to speak our truth, but with compassion for our fellow human beings, and speaking our truth without fear of reprisal.  

Ruby is a deep pink to red crystal from the illustrious mineral family Corundum. It has an equally famous sister; Sapphire, and although we generally think of Sapphires as being blue, they are in fact any colour except red. This mineral group produce the second hardest crystals known to man, with Diamond being number one.  Ruby is a stone of the earthly realms. It is said to be a protector of hearth, home and personal possessions. It is also the stone of integrity, passion and contentment and has been given and received throughout the ages as a symbol of devotion and passion. In the secret language of stones, if given in a jewellery setting together with Diamond and Pearl, it is said to mean, ‘I Love You Passionately’!  Rough Ruby specimens are one of the best and most cost effective ways to work with this stones energy for healing purposes, and these often have the added benefit of having Record Keepers on them. Ruby resonates with the Root or Base Chakra. 

Ruby Aura Beautiful member of the Coated Quartz family. This is Clear Quartz coated with Gold and Platinum. Vitality and passion are this crystal’s keywords. Super where lethargy is present, especially after a long or persistent illness and also for restoring vivacity and strength after grief or loss. This is a protective crystal on a physical level and it resonates with the Root or Base Chakra.  Other members of the coated Quartz family are: Opal (Angel) Aura, Titanium (Flame) Aura, Aqua Aura and Tanzine Aura (See also Quartz properties and Coated Quartz)

Ruby in Fuschite This combination merges the best qualities of Ruby and Fuschite together in one lovely stone. Brilliant splashes of the scarlet Ruby float in a gentle sea of pale green Fuschite (often accented by little bits of blue Kynaite). Fuschite, when used with other crystals, is said to help speed up the healing process and Ruby amplifies emotions, making this combination a superb healer of emotional wounds. Ruby is also known for its passion for life and people, thus helping restore a little vigour where there has despondency.

Ruby in Zoisite (also known as Anyolite).  This crystal combination aids physical vitality and is good for the recovering patient.  A very dynamic stone, it can energize the whole energy field.  Amplifies all psychic abilities and is said to attract money to the wearer.  It is excellent for accessing past life memories giving the user the ability to identify karma brought through to this life, and therefore the lessons needed to learn. See also Ruby.

Rutilated Quartz (see also Quartz Properties) Rutilated Quartz, is Quartz with needle like rutile inclusions in it.  Rutile means red in latin and the most commonly found form of rutile is red. They may also, however, be golden, silvery and rarely greenish.

It is thought of as an energizing stone that helps get energy moving (on all levels) helping kick-start sluggish chakras. It is also believed to help stabilize love relationships. Emotionally it can also be very helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and imbalances, making it an excellent stone for sufferers of depression, whilst physically it said to be beneficial for food intolerance, disorders of the immune system, fatigue (CFS/ME) and respiratory illnesses such as asthma.  Rutilated Quartz is also a wonderful diagnostic tool, helping us discover the true cause of an ailment – as a crystal healer you could place a piece on the throat or third eye chakra of a client to assist in unlocking of buried emotional or mental issues, or use a pendulum made from this super crystal.