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Pearlspar or Lavakite is a form of Dolomite.  It is said that Pearlspar will help you to learn everything you need to know to enable you to reach your full potential, bringing out any hidden or, indeed, repressed talents.  It is also thought to help you become more adaptable, to bend like a tree in the wind.  It can help us to see change as a new and beneficial opportunity, providing energy and fortitude to help overcome any perceived difficulties that change may present. A stone to reawaken the dormant inner self. Helps us connect to the Earth’s energies and when in our energy sphere, provides a protective field.  Also believed to help assist in the ability to see auras.

Peridot is most often found in jewellery, with records of it being mined for this use going back some four thousand years. It is a very versatile crystal but is perhaps best known metaphysically as an emotional healer, especially where deep hurt is carried in the heart.  Wearing or working with a piece helps us to understand the lessons of painful relationships from a spiritual progression perspective.  It can enable us to see clearly the reasons we found ourselves in a given situation, helping us to release the pain associated with this experience from our auric body. It can also help those who find themselves continually falling into ‘victim mode’ or for those who suffer from that most destructive of energies, jealousy.

Phenacite (Phenakite) Due to its incredibly high vibration (believed to be the highest on the planet), Phenacite is one of the major Ascension Stones.  It clears and activates all of the upper chakras (from 8th to 12th) and is especially attuned with the Crown chakra, helping activate the ‘light body’.  It is said to have initiated contact with all Angelic beings and Ascended Masters. This incredibly powerful light workers tool should be treated with great respect.  It is a very rare crystal.  Due to similarities, Phenacite was long mistaken for Quartz.  As a result when it was identified as a new mineral it took its name from the Greek work meaning ‘to deceive’.  Although similar to Quartz in appearance, the indices of refraction are higher, which means that when faceted, it has a brilliance not dissimilar to Diamond.  It can be found in the Urals (in Emerald and Topaz mines), in Colorado, Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Norway.  It is a rare beryllium mineral (same family as Emerald and Aquamarine) from the Silicate class. It can appear colourless, white, greyish, pinkish, brownish and yellow.

Picasso Jasper (also called Picasso Stone) is a very calming and grounding stone.  It is also a very creative stone, clearing the mind of unnecessary clutter leaving space for inspiration, helping us to ‘think outside of the box’; to think differently. It also promotes self-discipline.

Picture Jasper Picture Jasper is a harmonious stone, excellent for the highly strung, creative personality. Working with it (wearing or holding a piece) can help show us our hidden fears; fears which may have put psychological restrictions on our progress in life.  An excellent stone for healing emotional wounds thereby restoring accord.

Pineapple Quartz – see Spirit Quartz

Pink Moonstone – see Rainbow Moonstone

Pink Petalite is a rare and magical stone which shimmers beautifully in the light.  It has an exceptionally high vibration and exudes the pure Pink Ray (3rd Ray) of divine love, peace and forgiveness, which is governed by Archangel Chamuel and Ascended Master Lord Serapis Bay.  Pink Petalite can assist us when working at a high spiritual level, communing with all Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. As a result it is commonly referred to as The Stone of the Angels.  A Major Ascension Stone!  Technical, Pink Petalite contains Lithium (which gives it its beautiful colour), Aluminium and Silicon.  It takes its name from the Greek word for leaf, ‘petalon’, and can be found in various locations around the world including Afghanistan, Burma, Namibia, Sweden and Brazil.  More commonly occurring specimens are colourless, grey and white.

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