Trends in Art in the Interior Space

Contemporary modern art provides a unique design element for any interior space as it can be used to add a focal point to a design concept, more effectively define a colour palette or even be the main inspiration behind the look of an entire home, apartment or office space. Another benefit of using the latest contemporary modern art trends for your interior is the ability of a piece of artwork to be able to create any mood you'd like to convey. This is particularly relevant when incorporating the interior design technique of colour therapy to positively enhance mood within your interior space.


Popular Trends in Contemporary Modern Art for Interior Design

There are many popular trends in contemporary modern art for interior design, depending on personal tastes. At present the colour trend in artwork has moved to bright and strong colour shades, think 80s with primary colours such as bright yellow, red, blue and lime, and fresh pastels are also making a comeback. Scandinavian style is becoming increasingly more popular with minimalistic features and simplistic colours. There is even a shift toward intellectualism, from vintage lamps through to surrealist art and geometric designed sculptures.

Different Types of Contemporary Modern Art used in Interior Design

All types of interiors can be enhanced using the latest trends in contemporary modern art, whether it's an eclectic abstract sculpture through to a bold pop art print. When purchasing contemporary modern art forms to use as eye-catching features in a home, apartment or office, things to consider are the interior space available, the design concept you're trying to achieve and your artistic preferences, as art should epitomise the owner's personality and tastes.

Some of the different types of contemporary modern art used in interior design include:

  • Sculptures
  • ClocksMetal and glass art
  • Montages
  • Media paintings
  • Lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Pottery
  • Ceramics
  • Industrial elements
  • Kinetic sculptures
  • Rugs
  • Musical instruments
  • Prints
  • Photographic images
  • Canvas paintings

Cost of Collecting Contemporary Modern Art for Interior Design

While everyone dreams of buying a contemporary modern art piece from a gallery, auction or importer to showcase as a feature element in their interior design concept, this is not always cost-effective for those on a limited budget. A great way to overcome the cost barrier is to start by investing in art from and unknown artist (one that you love the piece) and build from there. Or alternatively purchase a print from a known artist but mount it in a gold frame, which is on trend for 2018. ’purchasing the canvas print versions which have been created of your favourite artists.

If you prefer to buy originals do some research and find regional or lesser known artists who are skilled at creating one-of-a-kind art pieces, which are more exclusive and over time could increase in value and be a good investment.

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Modern Art for Interior Design

To help streamline the process of choosing contemporary modern art for the interior design concept of your space, here are some valuable tips to remember. If your interior decor already has a colour palette that you're happy with, look for artwork that either ties into your existing theme or alternatively comes in neutral tones, so that it will blend seamlessly into your space.

When selecting art try to identify the pieces that evoke an emotion or speak to you, whether this might be a painting, print or sculpture, because art is a form of personal expression and should move you in some way.

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