Tips for fooling the eye and making a room look bigger

If you're living in a city or other urban environment, your home, unit or apartment may be limited on space. But having less space to work with shouldn't affect your design creativity if you look for ways to visually increase your available space. By following these clever tips you can enhance your interior, as well as fool the eye and make your rooms appear larger.

Free up space by limiting the amount of furniture

If you have too much furniture in a room, resulting in you having to navigate a maze every time you walk from one side to another, it will cause your space to feel cramped. This will also affect the flow of energy in the room, otherwise known as Feng Shui. By limiting the amount of furniture in your rooms to free up walkways, moving furniture closer to the wall, and installing armless couches, you'll be able to see more floor space and make the eye think that the space is far greater.

Increase natural lighting

A room will always appear larger if you increase the amount of natural light so there are fewer shadows and dark corners. This can be achieved by moving furniture away from your window, so the sun can reach further into the room or using a skylight if you own a unit or house. You'll also enjoy the view more if it's unimpaired by bulky furniture.

Choose colour tones that reflect light

By opting for colour tones that reflect light, you can make a room seem bigger than it really is. Whether you choose white or off white tones to paint your ceiling and walls, you'll trick the eye into thinking your room is bigger and the ceiling is higher. If you add a white or lighter toned rug, you can complement the room and make it more comfortable, without it looking cluttered.

Darker colours can also be used for your interior design to amplify the available space, if used correctly. When choosing darker colours, be careful to opt for those that are relaxing for the mind, such as purple, charcoal or deeper blue tones, while enhancing the room's style. If you use darker colours on the walls of your rooms, it's important to add lighter features with furniture and accessories to brighten your space, so it doesn't become too dark and shadowy. Stripes are another alternative that can be incorporated to elongate walls and create interest in a space.

Opt for low profile furniture

Bulky furniture will take over a space and make it look smaller. By choosing low-profile couches, armchairs and accessories, which sit closer to the floor, you'll be able to open up more space and create better energy flow. This will also enable you to have more space to decorate your room. If you install vertical shelving or a large piece of art or canvas on the wall, it automatically draws the eye upward instilling a feeling of greater height.

Incorporate see-through features

See-through features, such as curtains and frameless showers, create the impression of more space, while effectively sectioning off a room.

These tips are some of the many ways you can make a room appear larger than it actually is. For further assistance with enhancing your home, unit, apartment or business interior and creating the appearance of greater space, contact our team of design experts at Jarvis Interiors. We are dedicated to using creative interior design concepts to improve people's lives, health and well-being through colour, sound and light therapy, enhancing their environments. You can also discover more interior design ideas by following our blog.

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