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Pastel tones have recently become popular within interior design, as the soft, muted tones not only enhance living spaces, but also soothe the senses to create an environment that feels calm and serene. Some of the pastel colours at the forefront this season are pink, mauve, baby blue, magic mint, periwinkle and lavender.

Up until now, pastels have primarily been a common feature in nursery interiors. This is why it's important to avoid frilly or lacey furniture and accessories when incorporating pastel hues in adult spaces, so these don't appear frumpy and outdated. Instead, combining the pastel palette with geometric or minimalist shapes and materials, ranging from marble and concrete through to timber and metallics, you'll achieve a look that's clean and contemporary.

So that you can transform your home interior using pastels, we've provided some tips below to inspire you:

Cushions, throws and soft furnishings

If you're interested in using a pastel palette within your home interior this season - but aren't wanting to go to the extent of adding feature walls or furniture - cushions, throws and soft furnishings are ideal to subtly integrate these tones. You can also team pastels with wood or concrete to create textural elements.

Home wares

While pastels often have a tendency to seem somewhat feminine, by contrasting homewares in these colour tones with a white, concrete or wood aesthetic, you'll create clean lines without being too pretty. Choosing a pastel toaster and kettle for your kitchen is an ideal way to use this palette effectively in your living space, adding accents of colour without being overwhelmed by a cotton candy infusion. Lamps are also a smart alternative to introduce pastels within a bedroom or other living space, as these are an affordable way to inspire interest.

Geometric detail

Geometric detail provides more contemporary styling when revamping your personal space with this season's softer colour palette. From throws and scatter cushions to rugs and lamps, geometric detail can be added in a multitude of ways to enhance your home or apartment.

Feature pieces

Whether you prefer to make a statement in your living area with a custom upholstered, pastel-coloured sofa or a striking painting, feature pieces highlight your personal sense of style. By installing feature pieces in pastel tones you'll perfectly capture the pastel palette while maintaining your own individuality.

Scandi style furniture

Furniture with clean lines works best for a background with a sugary sweet colour palette, to avoid your interior becoming too ornate. Scandi style furniture blends seamlessly with pastel walls, flooring and accessories.

Pastel wallpaper

Installing pastel wallpaper can help you redefine your personal space with this season's softer hues. We recommend finding wallpaper with unusual detailing for a more unique interior finish, but don't overcomplicate it with too much artwork or furniture, as your space will appear cluttered.

Flower arrangements

If you're inspired by this season's pastel palette, but don't have the time or finances to redecorate your entire home, flower arrangements can add striking colour accents, without a heavy price tag. The benefit of using flower arrangements to add a hint of colour to your home is you can change your pastel tones regularly to suit your mood and interior decor.

These tips will help you transform your interior with this season's soft and soothing pastel colour spectrum. If you find it hard to create a unique space that suits your tastes and budget, our interior designers at Jarvis Interiors have the expertise to help you redefine your personal style. Our team are dedicated to enhancing your environment, health and well-being using the latest in colour, sound and light therapy.

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