Outside to inside - bring nature into your home

Spending time in nature has been proven to be good for your mental health, so why not incorporate nature in your home interior to enhance your decor and help you to relax and de-stress? Natural elements in your home can be added in a multitude of ways, from plants and artwork through to furniture, cushions and wallpaper. To make it easier for you to bring the outside inside, we've provided some handy tips below.

Fill your home with wildflowers

By filling your home with wildflowers you'll add a touch of nature and infuse your rooms with a lovely scent. To create a rustic look with your flower arrangements, place these in glass jars and tie raffia around the top.

Add paintings and photographic images on canvas showcasing natural settings

Paintings and photographic images on canvas showcasing natural settings are a great way to bring nature into your home. A tip for choosing natural photographic images is to find those that have personal significance for you, such as images of places you've gone on holidays with friends or family, so that when you look at these it evokes positive memories for you.

Install wooden furniture and accessories

Whether you prefer a single wooden feature piece, like a chair or table, or you're inspired by adding wooden benchtops or shelving, you can give your home a wonderfully natural feel by installing wooden furniture and accessories.

Make a terrarium

Terrariums allow you to bring a natural setting indoors and will provide you with an interesting hobby as you can watch these grow and develop. These are very low maintenance and can be customised to suit your individual tastes. With a wide range of plants and containers to choose from, you can create these in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Be inspired by wallpaper in natural designs

There's a vast range of wallpaper available in natural designs for you to transform your home interior with a natural theme. You can have a single feature wall or wallpaper the entire room to completely surround yourself with nature.

Plant an indoor herb garden or living wall

Planting an indoor herb garden is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as it adds a striking natural setting within your home, it's also edible and easily accessible when you're cooking meals indoors. A living wall can enhance your home, providing a striking green display that instantly grabs the attention. It also helps to purify your home, as it absorbs any toxins in the air.

Paint your home interior with earthy colours

Bring nature indoors by painting your home interior with earthy colours, from rich browns and greens to sky blues. You can blend earthy coloured feature walls with natural wallpaper designs to create a stunning natural theme.

Use natural fibres to decorate your home

By choosing natural fibres to decorate your home in cushions, throws and curtains, you can enjoy nature indoors for an affordable price. If you select natural prints for the fabrics, such as plants or flowers, you can lift your interior decor with splashes of vibrant earthy colours.

These are just some of the many ways you can bring nature into your home without having to spend thousands of dollars. If you're uncertain how to create a natural interior that will suit your home or business, contact our team of interior design specialists at Jarvis Interiors. We will work with you to transform your home interior to your tastes and budget. At Jarvis Interiors, we're dedicated to using creative interior design to help improve people's lives, health and well-being using colour, sound and light therapy.

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