Love that style - Nautical, Bohemian or Boho Chic

Whether you're bored with your interior or have a new home or commercial space you'd like to transform, nautical, bohemian or boho chic could be the perfect style for you in 2020. The beauty of these interior design styles is how seamlessly you can combine new, vintage and recycled furniture, artwork and soft furnishings to achieve an effortlessly relaxed, comfortable and chic look. While all of these interior design themes are versatile and can be personalised to suit individual tastes, there are some key elements each have in common, if you're interested in using these styles to reinvent your space.

 Nautical style

When it comes to creating a nautical style for your interior, think of the sights and sounds evoked by the ocean and your seafaring experiences when deciding on the colour palette for your artwork, wall coverings, furniture and soft furnishings. You may be inspired by boats and want to incorporate navy stripes, anchors and ropes in your nautical-inspired theme or maybe prefer the look of natural textiles, driftwood and ocean prints on your walls to make you feel at home.

With a nautical-themed interior, pale blue and white walls with timber accents look great and can be enhanced with vintage maps and charts. Simple wood or bamboo furniture decorated with starfish, shells and other elements of the sea will also complement this look.

Bohemian style

Traditionally, the word bohemian referred to travellers who came from the central-eastern part of Europe known as Bohemia, who preferred to live a nomadic life with a love for art, as well as bright colours, patterns, natural fibres and textures. In time, the unconventionality of the Bohemian lifestyle appealed to people from all around the globe and became increasingly popular in the 60s and 70s, where it transitioned to become a melting pot of cultures, each with their own influences and styles.

Bohemian styling with interior design has been further separated into different themes, which range from Moroccan and Western through to European. Boho chic was later developed from combined elements of each of these themes.

To create a Morrocan boho-inspired interior imagine the richness and diversity of the sights, sounds and colours of a bazaar when decorating your rooms with ornate lanterns, ottomans and brightly coloured mats, cushions and throws.

If the bright colours and contrasting patterns of the Moroccan boho styling are too overwhelming for you, you may be better suited to the subtlety and elegance of a European boho theme. European boho blends a variety of natural textiles and finishes, such as crochet curtains, beaded cushions and throws, through to wood feature pieces, like driftwood and custom hand-carved furniture.

For those who gravitate toward a more rustic interior Western boho could be more to your tastes, with vintage leather butterfly chairs and low floor beds, textured mats, tie-dyed cushions and potted succulents.

Boho chic

If you're after a modern take on bohemian styling, then Boho Chic could be the answer. With Boho chic, white walls and painted timber floors are offset with vintage furniture, boldly patterned rugs, fur throws and plush ottomans. You can also enhance this look with a diverse collection of prints and other artworks, as well as an array of plants in multicoloured pots.

Nautical, bohemian and boho chic are just some of the latest styles in interior design for 2020. For assistance with your home or business interior, arrange a consultation with our friendly team of interior designers at Jarvis Interiors. We're dedicated to improving people's lives, health and well-being with creative interior design using colour, sound and light therapy.

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