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Japandi, Scandinavian Hygge and Lagom are some of the latest interior design styles for 2020 and could be just what you're looking for if you have a new residential or commercial space to decorate and are lacking inspiration. Described as a fusion between the Japanese design aesthetic of minimalism and Scandinavian style, with Japandi interior design the focus is on creating interiors with neutral tones, quality furniture and clean lines. With similar principles used for styling Japanese and Scandinavian interiors, merging the two concepts to develop the Japandi design trend was a natural transition.

 In contrast to Japandi's more minimalistic approach to interior design, the design concept known as Scandinavian Hygge involves creating a sense of warmth and bliss within your environment. Hygge is a Danish term which means "cosiness" and is centred on choosing the right soft furnishings, warm lighting and functional furniture for relaxation, comfort and happiness.

The other Scandinavian style we've highlighted above, known as Lagom, focuses on minimising clutter and creating a perfect balance between having too much or too little within your interior, with the name meaning "the right amount". Lagom is also about sustainability, selecting furniture and feature pieces that will last the distance and not have to be replaced each season.

Find out more about using the interior design styles Japandi, Scandi Hygge and Lagom to transform your residential or commercial space below.


If you're interested in Japandi interior design and want to introduce this styling concept into your home or business, here are some of the key elements you need to be aware of. Contrasting dark and light tones for effect is important, for example mixing and matching furniture made from both light and dark woods.

Rather than hanging a wide and varied array of artwork to form a gallery wall, Japandi style is reflected by displaying statement feature pieces. Also, with this design aesthetic, there's a strong focus on having furniture that's bold with clean lines, as well as complementing your pieces with geometric-shaped decor, such as handmade ceramics.

Scandinavian Hygge

Wanting an interior that's instantly inviting and harmonious? Then Scandi Hygge might be an ideal choice for your home interior. This design concept involves installing affordable, well-designed furniture that showcases natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, along with being both comfortable and functional. By pairing it with throws, pillows and other soft furnishings, as well as warm lighting and feature pieces with personal significance, you can create a sense of homeliness that truly embodies "hygge".

Scandinavian Lagom

While Scandinavian Hygge revolves around filling your rooms with functional furniture, and layering soft furnishings to create a cosy, warm environment, the concept of Lagom is more minimalistic and dedicated to sustainability. If you'd like to embrace the design aesthetic of Lagom, "quality over quantity" is intrinsically important, which means dedicating yourself to finding furniture and artwork that's timeless, makes a statement and brings you joy. Simple, more subtle colour schemes work best with this design trend and a dedication to practicality is crucial to create a Lagom styled interior.

While Japandi, Scandinavian Hygge and Lagom all offer different features and benefits, determining which style works best for your needs, budget and environment can be complicated. At Jarvis Interiors, our designers will work with you to create a space that suits your tastes and space. Our team of designers are experienced with using creative interior design to improve our clients' lives, health and well-being. We use the latest design concepts, including colour, sound and light therapy to enhance your environment. Contact us to arrange a consultation today and create your perfect bespoke interior.

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