How to mix 'old' with 'new' successfully in interior design

While interior design can seem quite complex to the uninitiated, there are some design secrets you can follow to help you achieve a personalised and eclectic look for your space, such as mixing 'old' with 'new'. By merging vintage with modern, through blending inherited items with modern pieces, you can create a unique interior that appears to have evolved over time and evokes a sense of nostalgia.

The key to marrying 'old' with 'new' successfully is finding a perfect balance, so a room is elegant, rather than just seeming to be cluttered with a random selection of junk. By following our guide below you can successfully execute this interior design concept for yourself.

Determine how you would like a room to feel

It's important to take the time to determine how you would like a room to feel before starting to re-design the interior. This can range from classically elegant through to relaxed and unorthodox, there is a multitude of options when blending vintage with modern.

Consider what colour palette you'd like

If you're mixing 'old' with 'new' pieces you're already working with a wide variety of elements, so there's generally no need to add bold colours to your walls for more impact. For this design concept, we recommend a neutral palette, as this will enable your pieces to make more of a statement.

If you prefer a touch of colour, strong colours are more suitable, as these won't get lost amongst your pieces. It's also important to use the right flooring if you'd like to unify this look, such as hardwood or another type of solid surface, because carpet is too 'suburban'.

Add an architectural backdrop

High ceilings, interesting windows and any other original features create the ideal architectural backdrop for a more eclectic interior. If these features are limited, try adding raw elements including exposed brickwork, a classically designed fireplace or even textural wall finishes to create an architectural background that will capture this look. A simple and easy tip for adding these elements to a room is using wallpaper.

How to successfully combine vintage and modern pieces

To combine vintage and modern pieces successfully for cohesion in a space, every item must be of high quality and have its own individual charm. It's also better to select items that contrast in a period or look, as opposed to just choosing those that are different.

Achieving the perfect balance

If you want to achieve the perfect balance when mixing a variety of styles, it's imperative to have a balance between the number of pieces you use. Also, when distributing vintage and modern pieces don't group these in a specific period or style.

Select creative furniture

By selecting creative furniture you can more effectively design an eclectic space. Re-purposing your favourite pieces, such as using an industrial workbench for your dining table, is a great way to create a more theatrical and personalised interior.

Focus on layering and different textures

To avoid your interior looking like a junk shop, focus on layering and different textures. Examples of this range from placing a mirrored tray on a dated timber coffee table through to adding a new cushion and throw to a worn, distressed leather couch.

While our guide on mixing 'old' with 'new' pieces to create a unique interior is very helpful, if you'd like further assistance with designing an eclectic space to suit your personal style, Jarvis Interiors are happy to help. Our team at Jarvis Interiors are the experts in using creative interior design to improve our clients' lives, health and well-being using colour, sound and light therapy.

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