How to choose your art collectables, bespoke pieces for your interior living space

Designers are often asked for tips on how to choose the right artwork. As artwork is used to capture the personality of the homeowner, as well as add character to an interior, it's important to choose the right pieces. Artwork is also a great investment if you want to spend the time researching which artists and pieces are more highly sought after. But the best thing about artwork is you can achieve an eclectic and stylish interior without having to overspend.

Here are some great tips below for choosing the right artwork for your rooms, that will perfectly define your personality and create character within your space.


Often the kitchen is overlooked when selecting art for a home or apartment. As the kitchen is the "heart of your home" it's generally one of the busiest rooms, which is why it's important to add your own artistic flair to this space. You can install pieces on countertops or above cabinets, but it's recommended to choose smaller pieces that will complement, rather than overwhelm this space.


As your bedroom is the place where you relax and retreat from the stresses of work and your daily routines, it's essential that your artwork reflects this. For wall art, the most effective areas to showcase your pieces are above and opposite the bed. Larger pieces should be hung at eye level. Abstract pieces are a good choice in subtle colours and tones that will evoke a soothing effect. If you prefer photography, landscapes and photos that are desaturated are better choices, with minimal frames or just a canvas.


Whether you're wanting to personalise your work or home office, art can help you achieve this. A rotating gallery is ideal to create character in your workspace, as well as leave you feeling inspired. To design a rotating gallery, first install a floating ledge shelf. Next, select a wide variety of art pieces that inspire you. For the best effect incorporate pieces in a range of sizes. The artwork can either have similar frames for a more minimalist finish or have different frames if you'd like more character.


When it comes to selecting artwork for an interior, the bathroom is often neglected. It's essential to choose artwork that reflects the style of your bathroom and where it's situated in your home or apartment for a more cohesive look. An example of this is if you have a powder room within the entry level of your home, selecting bold, fun pieces will be a better option. In contrast, for the master bathroom more calming, subtle pieces are a smarter choice. We recommend bathroom wall art to be installed in pairs, for more impact. Good places for the wall art in your bathroom include above the toilet and over your bathtub.

Living room

The living room is generally the most fun to decorate, although most people experience a lot of pressure finding the right pieces to capture the attention of guests and provoke conversation. Large pieces of wall art, combined with freestanding art, such as sculptures are ideal to add character to a living room. You can also install stag horns or other pieces, rather than just a print or a canvas, to personalise your interior.

By following these tips you can more effectively select the right artwork to create a unique interior space. If you'd like help choosing artwork and designing an interior that reflects your personality, contact Jarvis Interiors. Our interior designers are experts in enhancing environments and improving people's lives, health and well-being with colour, sound and light therapy.

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