Home is where your heart is - Decorating trends for 2020

If you're looking for interior design inspiration to transform your home in 2020, here are some of the latest decorating trends. While these design concepts will help you to make the most of your personal space, individuality is also strongly emphasised this year, from custom feature pieces to DIY crafting and unusual furnishings.

Focus on being unique

Let your individuality shine by incorporating unique materials, artwork and furnishings that epitomise your own unique design tastes when styling your home in 2020. It's on-trend to be off-trend this year, so spend time sourcing bespoke pieces and distinctive accessories for a personalised touch. Consider your home interior as a space which tells your story and decorate it in a way that makes you happy.

Create timeless looks which will evolve

Defining your own personal style is essential for interior design in 2020. But rather than transforming your complete home interior seasonally, purchasing furniture and other feature pieces that will create timeless looks designed to evolve is becoming popular. In theory, this means buying more expensive, higher-quality pieces that can be accessorised each season with the latest trends in furnishings and accessories, such as pillows, throws and artwork.

Eco-friendly feature pieces and sustainable materials

As sustainability is becoming more important to consumers, with many making the shift to eco-friendly lifestyles, there's a focus on being environmentally conscious with interior design concepts in 2020. Buying eco-friendly feature pieces and incorporating sustainable materials is prevalent in interior design this year, with consumers also spending more time researching to ensure their purchases are ethically sourced and manufactured. Earthy elements are often combined with sustainable materials when creating eco-friendly interior design concepts.

Easy-to-install light fixtures

While portable lighting in interior design was previously limited to using lamps to brighten a room, with the increased number of portable roof lighting fixtures now available, statement lighting's making a big appearance in 2020. As many of these fixtures don't require hardwiring, it's easier than ever to style your rooms with the latest portable lighting.

Country chic

The rustic appeal of a country farmhouse has been replaced this year with more elegant, European inspired design concepts. This can be achieved by pairing antiques with new decor and accessories, as well as mixing patterns. By adding furnishings in subtle, muted colour tones and an array of fresh flowers and greenery, you can really bring this look to life.

Colours are making a comeback

Although neutrals will always be on-trend, colours are making a comeback in 2020. Warm, earthy tones are trending this year, such as soft peach, caramel, coral, gold, dusky pink and terracotta.

Layering patterns

Layering patterns and textures is trending this year, from upholstered furniture through to rugs and soft furnishings. While there's so set formula to how you should layer patterns and textures, by using similar colour tones you can tie these together effectively, while still creating a personalised style.

Handmade items over mass-produced

With sustainable materials becoming more sought after, consumers are also opting for handmade items over mass-produced in 2020. Consumers are wanting to connect with companies whose products are manufactured ethically and have a story behind them which they find morally appealing.

These are just a few of the many decorating trends you can use to personalise your home in 2020. If you're unsure how to incorporate these when styling your home, our interior designers at Jarvis Interiors are happy to help you bring these concepts to life. We are dedicated to using creative interior design to enhance peoples environments, lives, health and well-being using colour, sound and light therapy.

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