Ergonomic arrangement

Ergonomics are one of the most vital consideration in designing a space. The comfort level of people over time in such a way as provide skeletal heath is a very important consideration. People need to be comfortable yet maintain posture and physical health.

Additionally, children’s comfort is essential for the them to live in a space that provide the best ergonomic arrangement which will encouraged their productivity and creativity in learning and growing.

The main issue with health problems among children and adults, ergonomically speaking is musculoskeletal discomfort and repetitive strain injuries. While repetitive strain injuries are usually related to work environments, they can occur in any space over time with bad design. Research on ergonomics suggests that there is a strong correlation between adults diagnosed with repetitive stress injuries with early onset of repetitive injuries among kindergarten children. If the space and furniture are not child-friendly, children experience significant musculoskeletal discomfort, and so incorrect ergonomics result in improper posture.

All space design should take into account ergonomic arrange as a key element of design planning.