Bring LOVE into your HOME with FLOWERS

There's no better way to enhance your home interior than with flowers. Flowers are great to elevate your mood and the scent of fresh flowers not only keeps your home smelling wonderful, these often evoke memories of time spent outdoors amongst nature, especially if you decorate your home with wildflowers or native blooms.

If you consider that flowers are often given as a gift on special occasions, such as Valentine's Day, these are also symbolic of bringing love into your home. Flowers are also good for health and wellness, due to increasing the vibrational frequency in your home, especially roses which have the highest frequency of all blooms. To help you better accessorise your home interior with flowers, we've provided some tips below:

Choose flowers that work with your homes colour scheme

When selecting flowers for your home, it's important to source blooms that will fit seamlessly with your colour scheme. For example, if your home has pastel accents, find similar colour tones for your floral displays. With white or black home interiors you have a wider variety of options, as these offer a blank canvas, allowing you the flexibility to choose brighter, more striking flower arrangements or softer, subtler alternatives.

With flowers, minimalism is generally better than overkill

Rather than creating a sensory overload, minimalism is often a far more effective way to decorate your home with flowers. An example of this is if your home has very colourful furnishings and accessories, select flowers in one colour for your arrangements or alternatively for homes with limited colour accents, a strong burst of colour will look far more effective.

When in doubt, white always works

White floral arrangements are fresh, clean and classy and most importantly can be used to complement any home interior. If you're uncertain what blooms to purchase for your interior decor, white is always a safe option. As white flowers are more subtle, these are often a good choice if you want to make other colourful furnishings or key pieces stand out, due to providing a contrast.

Show your creative flair with display vases

When it comes to deciding on the right vase to display your floral arrangement, it's good to look outside the square and highlight your creative flair! There's no right or wrong way to display flowers in your home, whether you prefer to use something more eclectic for your vase, such as an ornate vintage teapot through to a simple glass jar, which is a popular choice for wildflowers and native blooms. If you're wanting to save money, have a look through your cupboards to see what's available before running out to buy a new vase. A tip for selecting the ideal vase to decorate different rooms in your home is a vase with a strong sculptural silhouette will look edgier when paired with an array of pretty blooms in contrast to a more subtle, neutral vase that allows the flowers to create more of an impact.

Make sure to keep your flowers fresh

Last, but definitely not least, it's vital to ensure your flowers stay fresh, if you want these to remain appealing. Keeping your flowers hydrated and removing the leaves or foliage sitting below the water, will help stop bacteria developing that could cause your flowers to die faster.

Flowers are just one of the many ways to enhance your home interior. If you'd like further assistance creating the perfect interior, contact our interior design specialists at Jarvis Interiors. We're dedicated to improving our clients' lives, health and well-being using colour, sound and light therapy to enhance their environments.

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