Bring Light and Life by Cleansing your Environment

When having the interior of your home or business redesigned to make it more appealing aesthetically, it's also a good idea to have your environment cleansed of the past /old energies to bring in the NEW. You may be unaware that energies could be present in your living or work space, and that they could be affecting your health and well-being and resulting in side effects such as anxiety, irritability, headaches or depression.

Some leading healing therapies that are used to cleanse past /old residual energies from your environment range include crystal alchemy sound therapy, ley line detection and Feng shui. We've outlined some of the many benefits of these therapies for healing and cleansing your environment below:

Crystal Alchemy Sound Therapy

Crystal alchemy sound therapy is a popular natural therapy for cleansing your home or workplace which uses the concept of sound healing. Sound healing, using crystal alchemy bowls or singing bowls, involves using the bowls to create what is known as a binaural beat.

Binaural beat tones are believed to be effective in treating anxiety and other mental health issues. When played for the purpose of sound therapy healing, the shape of the bowls naturally creates sounds with similar characteristics to a human voice singing, hence these became known as singing bowls. Singing has been identified as a positive stimulant to the human mind, soothing and clearing out energy that no longer serves us; think of a mother singing to her baby.

Sound therapy healing works to transform energies to be positive because the sound frequencies (binaural beats) created by the bowls respond to the human body's energy fields, changing any negative energy patterns to positive, resulting in relaxation and re-energising of the body.

Because of the soothing and healing benefits crystal alchemy sound therapy is believed to provide, it not only releases negative energy from your body and environment, it's also used to release and heal emotional wounds and allow a deeper connection with the soul. Having crystal alchemy sound therapy performed at your home or business will transform any unhealthy energies present affecting your health and well-being into positive energy patterns.

Black Ley Line Detection

Black ley lines or slow frequency energies are unhealthy to the body, as these are believed to negatively affect the body's electromagnetic field, often resulting in psychological or physical problems. If these are generated from within your home or work environment, the slow frequency energies can impact poorly on the human body's energy systems, as well as the biometrical processes.

Some of the side effects that can result from this range from diseases of the body and mind to relationships experiencing disharmony. Vasse water detection is the method used by natural therapy practitioners to detect black ley lines. This is done by using divining rods to find and correct these geographical imbalances. By investing in the services of a natural health practitioner trained in Vasse water detection of black ley lines, you can remove unhealthy energies from your home or business, positively enhancing your health and well-being.

Feng Shui

The literal meaning of the words 'Feng shui' are 'wind' and 'water' in traditional Chinese culture, with the flow of these natural elements being directly linked to the movement of invisible energy fields otherwise known as ch’i. These energy fields, or ch’i, can either be negative or positive, depending on how the energy is flowing.

If your workplace or home is filled with negative ch’i, this unhealthy energy is believed to cause disharmony in your environment, affecting your ability to achieve peace and harmony. Feng shui is a Chinese art of placement which is used to facilitate environmental harmony by correcting the energy flow, so only positive ch’i exists. By having the interior of your home or workplace redesigned by a Feng shui specialist to release unhealthy ch’i, it can help create harmony and peace, enhancing your health and well-being.

By having your home or business interior redesigned and cleansed of unhealthy energies, you can improve your health and well-being. Jarvis Interiors specialises in combining interior design concepts with Feng shui, Crystal sound therapy healing and black ley line detection for better health and well-being. Arrange a consultation with the team today.

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